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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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at this point in time
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Hi, everybody!

There's a lot going on right now. I just got back from a brief (made briefer by the absolute incompetence and unfriendliness of United Airlines) vacation in Chicago, about which I'll need to post - or perhaps I can just work all of it into one of the many, many New Girl fics I'll be writing this summer.

One of those fics might be for this multifandom shindig to benefit Syria! The fandom auction is being run by the completely awesome kate_lear, which means we're in good hands, and includes a requests post, a chance to collaborate with other fans, and more. Go, join in the fun!

I still need to make a theater post, but I've got a show on Thursday that I want to include, so after that I should get cracking on it.

And the glory in my icon is Rafael Nadal kicking up the red clay of Paris as he won his eighth (!!!) French Open title. It is so good to have him back, elevating the sport and the level of excitement in men's tennis. All hail Rafa!

I hope you're all doing well! Any exciting news to share?

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I watch the live scoreboards too at work and I agree, it's agonizing! I tried to listen to the audio one day during the French while at work (wouldn't feel comfortable streaming video coverage) but the buffering was painful so ended up closing out and resorting to the scoreboards.

His draw for Wimbledon is just awful, especially compared to Novak's. I so hope Rafa can make it to the final again ::crosses fingers and toes::

I had everything crossed too, but it just didn't work! Now I just want him to rest up for the US Open, because I'm getting tickets to that.

Yeah and draw wasn't even a factor this time aside from him playing a good grass-court player. I was watching the scores at work starting toward the end of the second set and was just flabbergasted. Here's hoping his knee holds up and he doesn't punish it too badly as they swing into hardcourt season.

I so hope you get to see him in NY ::fingers crossed::

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