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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Hey casting director . . .
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
. . . look how pretty the fangirls are!

Senor Swanky says hola! From left to right we've got ink_stain, estrella30, monkiedude, maleyka, ladyjaida, and antheia. Marvel at the pretty! Envy me that I got to talk Dean and Sam with these girls while chowing down on a burrito!

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THANK YOU, ps, for the burrito lovin'.

I am a growth! I am so happy!

You and me and burrito makes three.

Seriously, never thought I'd meet another vegetarian, teetotaler fangirl - what a nice surprise!

It was awesome. I can't believe that I was staring at you all that time in front of the WB studios and being like Oh man, Neil Gaiman book, and yet was too lamass to actually say anything.

And I was too busy rolling my eyes at the tweenies to notice you in all your glory.

(Deleted comment)
Next time, for sure.


Lookit how hot you all are!!!

However, I do get Kate next month out here in L.A., so that's something. *g*

The hotass reigned supreme that night.

Why for, Susan? Now that you're coming to Winchestercon you can be part of the hotass pictures too! Whee!

You are so right! Yay!!!!!


I am envious! *turns green* Look at all the lovely fangirls you got to meet. (I love being able to put faces with names.) Sounds like you had a lovely time with your burritos and margaritas. :)

Am I going to get to meet you soon? Winchestercon, perhaps?

I, um, will probably be kicked out of fandom forever for this don't know the first thing about Winchestercon...?

*is woefully clueless*


Hurry! I think the deadline for registration is 8/1. (Also, people have been finding incredibly cheap flights, and ride-shares, so please don't let the matter of transportation stop you.)

Eeep, how did I not know about this?

*bites nails*

look at the icon . . . book your ticket . . . send Nan a check

doooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiit!


I think somebody with a talent for sales needs to convince me. I'm no good at expensive spontaneous decisions.

$174 flight.


There's a ride-share thread, I think - have you tried that? Also, some airline will begin service to Nashville like the week before - JetBlue? Song? Something like that.

18 hours. That's how long it takes to drive from Denver to Nashville.

Why are you even making me think about this? YOU = EVIL.

D'oh! I knew I should have waited for the cover of night!

Aw you all look like you are having a great time. *Is jealous of all the meeting fun*.

We did!

I'm telling you, organize the England peeps and make US jealous.

They are organized, but I can't go. Boo.

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