kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

apple tarts

So this Spain trip is off to a rousing start. I checked the airline website this morning and our 10:30 pm flight has been delayed; we'll be taking off at 1:45 am, and the delay means we'll miss our connection by ten minutes. So we had to book a new connecting flight and we should get to Barcelona about six hours later than we'd scheduled. Not fun, but definitely not terrible.

I'll be gone for about a week. May I ask for a huge favor? If you read or write an amazing story, could you please leave me a comment with a link? If there are any more pics or tidbits about the boys or Jensen's movie, I want to wallow in them too. Thank you all kindly for enabling my obsession.

Seriously, the thought of stepping away from my computer for a whole week is making me antsy. Let's see how well I cope without all of you. Even the apple tarts of Barcelona are no match for my pretty, pretty flist, methinks.
Tags: real_life

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