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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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TV: teacher, mother, secret lover
pd: stop you're killing him
Hi, everybody!

I just plunked down some cash for the Veronica Mars movie, which, according to the video, will be used for nudity and car chases, since it's surplus to the original amount they wanted to raise. (How hilarious is it that RH as Dick Casablancas is eating Krusty-O's? Though if he were truly in character, I suppose he'd be eating what Moe eats, Penicillin O's.) I was a little leery about signing up for Kickstarter, but since it gets your payment info from Amazon, that was much less stressful than I'd anticipated.

Also, Happy Pi Day! I don't eat pie myself, because I dislike the texture of cooked fruit, but damn if I haven't been craving virtual pie - in the form of all 22 sweet, sweet episodes of Pushing Daisies - for a solid week now. More than any other, PD is the show that I would resurrect if I had the power (Arrested Development and Veronica Mars both went three seasons and are coming back anyway; Firefly was on the air even less than PD, but F's strength was its characters. While I'd never argue that the setting of F was unimportant, it was the characters that made the space-Western stories wonderful, and I think it was pretty clear what kinds of stories the show was interested in telling. Whereas PD had fantastic characters in all sorts of odd stories, and I could never predict what would happen next. It is, to me, the ultimate ensemble show, because I was invested in all six of the major characters and never felt that the show was "off" if it wasn't focusing on character A.) (And that's not even mentioning The Middleman, Sports Night, or The Unusuals.) I think I might watch some PD between tonight's eps of Community (which is, unfortunately, starting to feel like a chore because each character seems to have been reduced to a single trait, which is just hammered home) and Elementary (back from mini-hiatus). Bring on the monkeys and the bulimic daisies and the whole looney-tunes world of Papen County!

Let's see, what else? Oh, yes! My very favorite seasonal candy is back - those Cadbury Mini Eggs that are solid chocolate with a candy shell. They are DELICIOUS. I wish I had some right now.

I had a fantastic weekend last weekend, which will have to make up for this upcoming weekend, during which I will be doing my taxes. Ugh. Being a grown-up is no fun sometimes. But no one wants to hear about that! Let me tell you about last weekend instead! My mom arrived bright and early on Saturday morning (this is her MO) and we trekked off to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden, to which I'd never been, as the Brooklyn BG is far closer to my apartment. We got in free due to her corporate connections, but I actually would have paid, given how glorious the show was. If I miraculously finish my taxes and have not snatched myself bald, I will try to go through my pictures and upload a few. Then we headed back to Brooklyn to have dinner with my friends E and S. And then we came home and watched Penelope. She left early on Sunday morning and I sat down and gave myself a little lecture, which apparently worked, because I finished a draft of my EIGHTY THOUSAND WORD STORY that I've been whining about for ages. It finishes off my long Sherlock series, and I've been wanting to get it all down for several months. It's with the trusty betas now, and will no doubt need to be revised heavily, but it feels so good to have the first step done! So now, all that's on my plate is my TOP-SECRET fic for Sherlock Remix (begun), my Persuasion-by-way-of-Sherlock fic (begun), my female!Mycroft/Harry Watson story (halfway done), my BBC-canon-compliant post-Reichenbach story (a third done), and that Cabin Pressure story featuring Arthur falling in love (dreamt about). But I can do it! Maybe! Someday!

Anyway, how are you all doing?

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But...but...what about cream pies?

Ha, okay, what is probably my first comment on your LJ and that's what I took from this long fannishly newsy post. You don't eat pie. Erm...flowers are cool? :D

Hee, your confusion is palpable - no wonder you had to comment! I don't like custard either (too eggy and gloppy), so I tend not to eat key lime or lemon meringue type pies either. But I do order the "chocolate-peanut butter pie" at a certain diner every time I go, so I suppose that counts.

I haven't seen you around in some time! That's more to do with me than you, I think, but it's nice to see a familiar name pop up!

You, too! Despairing of the low fannish activity on LJ (esp. SPN and my old haunts), migration to Tumblr, whatever, I recently went on a friending spree. I was astonished at how many people I "knew" and thought I had friended, who weren't on my flist at all, you among them.

No custard or fruit?

Hmm... have you tried treacle tart? Or Woolton Pie ;-)

As a vegetarian, I think Woolton pie sounds really good! (As long as the crust was made without lard.) But treacle tart, nope - that filling of syrup just sounds too . . . unrelievedly and uncomplicatedly sweet. I love sweets, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I could have more than a single small bite of something like that.

Though I do love pumpkin pie.

Pi Day!! :) This was the first year in a while that I didn't actually have pie on Pi Day. I was very disappoint, and I hope it doesn't bode ill for the rest of my year. :(

I caught all the hubbub that arose during the Veronica Mars KS. I never finished the show, even though I loved the first 2 seasons. I'd watch the movie solely for Backup.

Awww, think of Pi Day as a suggestion, and get yourself a slice of pie!

As for VM, I don't remember much of seasons 2 and 3, because they were (for me) so very different from the quality of season 1. I read that Rob Thomas originally wrote the season 1 story as a young-adult novel, and I really loved the way that translated into the television season. I just didn't find the mysteries of seasons 2 and 3 nearly as compelling, and thought that the obvious s2 mystery would have been for Lianne, on the run with that $50K check, to have been found murdered. I contributed because of how very much I loved that first season.

Hello! I am late, but I just have to say...



This is wonderful and exciting. Thanks so much for all your hard work, you are incredible.

Hope you have a very happy and beautiful spring!

Hello, you! (You have the best possible excuse for "lateness" - how is the little man?)

Ha, let's see if you can get through the fic once I actually post it! And, just so it's clear, while it picks up exactly where "Tear Up Your List" left off, it's actually the twelfth (and final) installment of what I'm calling my "Elastic Heart" series, and some knowledge of the previous stories is helpful, if not completely necessary.

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