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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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the skinny, the haps, the dealio, the 411 (according to Olive Snook)
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Hi, everybody!

It's been one thing after another here - I hope you're all doing well. We got a lot of snow yesterday, which would have been fine (my boss told us to work from home) except that my mother was due to fly back from Dubai yesterday and was incommunicado for so long that I started to panic. She landed and got to her house over seven hours later than anticipated, but she's there now, safe and sound.

I can't remember if I mentioned this earlier, but I'll be doing a little bit of traveling this year. I've got a trip to Chicago and a trip to Amsterdam in the cards. The former is with a non-fandom friend and the latter is by myself, though I'll be staying with a friend from high school. Anybody have any suggestions for things that mustn't be missed? (I might also schlep out to California to help my brother pack up his place, if he does finally move back, which would be a great opportunity to see a few of you.)

Theater post coming soon - two shows next week, both Shakespeare!

Exciting experience: I walked into my apartment the other day after work to find that my living room had a very strong odor of something burnt. I couldn't tell what it was, and I frantically checked every appliance and outlet but found nothing. I knocked on the door of the downstairs tenant (unfriendly) and emailed the rest of the building, and a couple of others also reported smelling something burnt. It turns out it was a guy in the next building, whom one of my neighbors had seen coming outside with a charred and smoking bag of microwave popcorn to dump it in the trash. Here's my question: how do you mess up microwave popcorn that badly?

Go play in this year's Valentine's Day Game, organized by the wonderful [personal profile] svmadelyn! It's very simple: just pick up to 14 people on your flist and send [personal profile] svmadelyn an email with that list and a little love-note for each of them. She then posts all of the notes anonymously on the big day. I can attest from personal experience that it brightens the day tremendously to see mash notes from your flist. So, go, play!

Two quick advertisements: one for [community profile] sherlock_remix (the livejournal comm), which is now taking sign-ups for this year's challenge. And the other for my friend's very cool new business: Double Dutch Press. I'm not in the
Athens area, but I'd love to take one of the classes.

I'm still plugging away at my long fic, but the end is in sight, and I've got most of the ideas I want to tackle in brief little notes to myself. I've also been getting excited about the other stories on my list, particularly the Austen Sherlock story, the Cabin Pressure story that's a sequel to my Martin/OMC story in which Arthur finds his true love, and whatever I'll be writing for Sherlock Remix.

How are you all doing?

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When I went to Amsterdam, I enjoyed the hell out of Madurodam. Granted, I was twelve. Adult mileage may vary.

Also, I recently watched a friend destroy two microwave bags of popcorn. It was because she just set it to the time it said on the bag, then walked away. The rest of us were like no! You have to LISTEN FOR THE POPS!

I've never even heard of Madurodam, so now I've got something to look up - thanks!

LISTEN FOR THE POPS should be this guy's new life motto. I have never smelled anything that should smell good smell so bad!

I've enjoyed both Chicago and Amsterdam, albeit the latter only as a tourist and just a couple times. Chicago I've been to more times than I can count.

What time of year will you be in each, and for how long?

If you like walking, many of Chicago's main attractions are within walking distance of each other downtown: the Art Institute, Theater District (I know you like that!), etc. Last time I was there I explored the famous (and free) Newberry Library (tour info here). If you're there during baseball season, a Cubs game is a classic activity!

Around Amsterdam, I recommend the Corrie Ten Boom house (info here) which is a short distance from Amsterdam in Haarlem (and accessible by train). Similar to the Anne Frank house, but less crowded with tourists and, I think, free. (Donations are welcome, of course.) Haarlem itself is lovely to stroll through, esp. in spring. A very easy day-trip from Amsterdam.

Chicago will most likely be four days in June, and I've already promised my friend that we will not go to a baseball game (she has not just indifference but hatred for sports). Ooh, Newberry Library sounds great!

Amsterdam will possibly be in September, for a week to ten days, I think. I will look into Haarlem.


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