kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

oh, these last few days

These last few days have been all crazy-making, though things certainly got started off right. Monday night, I had a very vivid dream that I was in an intense makeout session with Captain Mal. I usually don't have sex dreams, but such is the power of Malcolm Reynolds that I remember waking up with a big ol' grin on my face and feeling very satisfied. Then, because I'm me, I couldn't decide if that was a sign that things were going to go well that day (Tuesday) or if it was a pre-emptive consolation prize for the election going to the Party of Rape and Hatred.

For all the rhetoric about how the right-wingers were just fooling themselves and spouting crazy numbers, I still was feeling very jittery about our numbers, not to mention all of the voter intimidation and suppression that was already underway. But I wanted to do my part, so I went to the polling place (one block away, so convenient) at around 8:30 (I'd heard that the lines were going to be very long before that, as people were trying to vote and go off to work or drop kids off at school/daycare). The space was far too small, and redistricting hadn't helped. I stood in one line to get into the gym, then once in the gym, there were several lines for differing districts, and of course mine was the longest, looping two and a half times the length of the gym. But I'd brought a book (an old favorite, Gaudy Night) and I settled in to wait. Three hours later, I was still in that line and texting the admin at work to let her know I was going to be far later than I'd hoped. I got my paper ballot, went off to a privacy booth that was missing a pen, and finally got my ballot filled out. Wow, the ballot is about as counter-intuitively organized as a tax return - I honestly don't know how people who are not native English speakers could have any confidence that they were casting the votes they wanted. Then I had to stand in another line because there were four scanners for the polling station and THREE WERE BROKEN. I will say that the volunteers were fantastic - though they hadn't been trained as well as they could have been, which seemed to be due to Hurricane Sandy, they were trying their hardest and stayed calm and friendly. The gym we were in was unheated, but was very stuffy due to the number of bodies in there, so once I was free I went and bought a case of bottled water and hauled it back there for the volunteers.

Then I got to work and obsessively refreshed Daily Kos. And then I went to my BFF's place where we flipped channels and ate cheese puffs and fretted (and cheered for the kickass new Senators across the nation). I managed to stay up late enough to see that Romney was going to concede, but not to see the speech itself.

And today I went into work, wreathed in smiles, and watched the speeches Romney and Obama gave, and felt so happy that we picked the right man, that the systematic oppression of the majority of the country wasn't going to happen in the next four years, and all was well, and then . . .

first snow of the season, and there are already a few inches on the ground here in Brooklyn. Yikes.

The good news, though, is that [profile] kate_lear is flying in this Saturday, so speak up if you'd like to hang out Saturday late afternoon!

By the way, I'm over at Dreamwidth now, and cross-posting everything, so feel free to add me on DW and drop me from LJ, or just sit tight or whatever you like.
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