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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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simple story, exit pursued by a bear, shakespeare, nerdery
Hi, everybody!

This cross-posting thing is kind of addictive. And it helps that I'm still working from home and have access to my journals.

I've now spent an hour going through the Yuletide spreadsheet of letters (sorted by fandom) and picked out requests that I might be able to write as treats. I've also done two loads of laundry, and guess which has made me feel more productive?

COMMUNITY: I stumbled on this link just when I was thinking about Community, which will be back on February 7! I think they missed an opportunity to remind everyone how hilarious Troy's crying jag after meeting LeVar Burton was, and an even bigger one to highlight the Beetlejuice joke that took three seasons to complete, but the "Daybreak" vid was an eye-opener for me (plus, look how happy Troy is as he's locking the blanket door to his bedroom)!

NASHVILLE: I'm not really watching this show - as I said to some friends (see if you can spot the motif in this post!), it's a great show to fold laundry to. I don't pay much attention, because they haven't given me characters that I'm so drawn to I can't stand to miss a single word or gesture or expression. Though Gunnar, of all people, with his baby rockabilly Springsteen looks and sweet voice, is totally doing it for me. I had no idea that was even a thing for me.

Theater news: I was scheduled to see Cyrano on Tuesday night and haven't been able to get through to reschedule. Hopefully I can soon! On the Friday before the storm, I took my friend E to see The Mystery of Edwin Drood, a very fun audience-chooses-the-killer-and-detective-and-happy-lovers musical that's meta from the word go. (And it really is choose-your-own-adventure - E checked.) It had Chita Rivera, who looks at least thirty years younger than she actually is, a narrator/guide who was as charming as Stew in Passing Strange, and music worth listening to (composed by Rupert Holmes, of pina colada fame) - though I wish the lyrics had been more comprehensible. The cast as a whole is exuberant, and as E said, they're ready to open right now (which they do, officially, in a few weeks - we saw it in previews). This would be a great family show to see over the holidays, if anyone's looking for something to fit that bill. 7/10

So that's what's shaking with me. How about you?

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Wow, already you have been through the Yuletide spreadsheet?! I haven't even posted a link to my letter yet. I am doomed to total disorganization this Yuletide season, obviously. I read one person's note that they picked out treats before Yuletide signups even closed, and I was like...BUT SOME OF US ARE SLOW. *g*

I fold laundry to Nashville as well. And Last Resort, before I gave up on it. Now I'm just left with Arrow, so I have to fold fast.

Ha! The image of you folding laundry as quickly as possible while Arrow does . . . whatever it is Arrow does (I no longer get the CW, so I'm totally out of the loop) is very charming. I don't know when you gave up on Last Resort, but the last episode was fantastic, if you feel like catching up.

I did go through the letters because I didn't realize assignments would be sent out so quickly. I'm quite jazzed about mine - how does yours look? In any case, you're neither slow nor doomed, as your schedule seems to be the one most people are on. I was just climbing the walls after being stuck at home for a week!

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