kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

status report

Sandy has hit, and my corner of Brooklyn is still standing. The wind was howling like a banshee and the windows were rattling and the tree outside my building was swaying alarmingly, but (aside from a few hours yesterday afternoon), the rain wasn't particularly heavy. No flooding in my building and the street looks pretty good. The power kept flickering last evening/night but never went out for good.

My dad (outside of DC) had the same experiences. My mom's on a business trip, but her house in north Jersey got hit - windows broken, doors blown open, power out; her neighbor's got a generator and got her sump pump going in order to prevent her basement from flooding.

Everyone I've talked to, from Boston to DC, seems to be okay. I hope you all are too!

Still no subway service, so I'm working from home for as long as it takes. According to the MTA's Twitter, some buses will start running again - free of charge - at 5 pm today. The pictures they've posted make it look like the subways won't get going for at least a week, but who knows what they'll manage.
Tags: brooklyn, real_life

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