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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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status report
sari, heavy-lidded
Sandy has hit, and my corner of Brooklyn is still standing. The wind was howling like a banshee and the windows were rattling and the tree outside my building was swaying alarmingly, but (aside from a few hours yesterday afternoon), the rain wasn't particularly heavy. No flooding in my building and the street looks pretty good. The power kept flickering last evening/night but never went out for good.

My dad (outside of DC) had the same experiences. My mom's on a business trip, but her house in north Jersey got hit - windows broken, doors blown open, power out; her neighbor's got a generator and got her sump pump going in order to prevent her basement from flooding.

Everyone I've talked to, from Boston to DC, seems to be okay. I hope you all are too!

Still no subway service, so I'm working from home for as long as it takes. According to the MTA's Twitter, some buses will start running again - free of charge - at 5 pm today. The pictures they've posted make it look like the subways won't get going for at least a week, but who knows what they'll manage.

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I'm glad to hear you're safe and dry! :)

Thanks! I'm guessing your shop is staying closed all day today?

Glad all is well with you and yours! Thanks for checking in. The pics from NYC were a bit scary last night.

Yeah, the pictures are pretty terrible - I'm far enough inland in Brooklyn that the rising water didn't hit me, but Manhattan got slammed. Thanks for thinking of me!

Glad you & yours are okay!!! Stay safe out there!!! *hugs*

Thank you so much - it's really lovely to hear from people who want to know you're safe! I had so many phone trees going yesterday!

Glad to hear you and your dad are okay! But oh, your mom's house! That's awful. Hope the damage is minimal.

I was surprised yesterday when they talked to an 'average new yorker' who was bitching about the subways being shut down. Uh - you guys are lucky they don't flood every time there's a hard rain storm, did they *really* think they'd be a-okay in this mess?

Sounds like the worst is over weather-wise, now for a speedy clean up! Stay safe!

Thank you, honey! Just thinking about my mom's house is getting me upset because she takes such good care of it and there's so much stuff she loves there. However, I'd rather be upset about that than about her - I'm so glad she's been away for all of this.

I can't imagine what ass is griping about the subways being down - where was that person planning to go? And yes, the system is prone to flooding all the time, of course Sandy was going to have a catastrophic effect on an outdated system!

They were complaining about getting to work. Well, i get that missing a day of work can suck, but hello - getting drowned in a flooded subway tunnel is just a bit worse.

Sometimes people just don't think.

Seriously! And also, for the subways to run, that means that a whole lot of people have to be working the trains - it's not just about that one person!

Glad to hear you're okay, lovely! *hugs*

Thank you, Dei! It's good to feel relieved after something like this!

So glad you're okay!

I'm really sorry about your mom's house, though--though glad she's safe.

(my parents didn't lose electricity either, thank goodness!)

hope you stay safe, warm and dry today xoxo

Thank you, sugar! I'm glad your parents stayed warm and secure!

(Deleted comment)
Hey, you! Thank you very much!

Glad you are safe and powered up at home! Us, too. Our neighborhood seems almost back to normal aside from some tree clean-up. Travel is going to be a real issue, though, huh.

ETA: oh, and I hope your mom's place isn't too bad off! How awful to have to come home to a disaster.

Edited at 2012-10-30 10:13 pm (UTC)

At least my power has stopped flickering, and I've got plenty of food and water. I hope the birdlets are dealing well with the whole thing.

She's due back on Friday - if the airports and roads are open. They lost power early yesterday and haven't gotten it back yet, and I know there were trees falling because a local couple was killed by a tree crushing their car.

Glad you're ok, and your dad too! I hope the damage to your mom's house isn't too bad, but at least she's safe.

Yeah, my mom's scheduled to return on Friday, but that's only if the airports and roads are open, so that's the earliest we'll know the full extent of the damage.

Thanks, sugar!

Very good to hear--thank you for the update. Hopefully they will have the subway up and running again quickly...

Thank you very much - yes, I hope the subways are up soon, but given the damage, I'd be surprised if anything happened this week.

(Deleted comment)
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