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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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hola, gracias, por favor
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

Someone lovely nominated my fic "Lacuna" in the Lawrence Awards. And for "Best Dean," no less, which . . . thrills me, because Dean is my boy and I love him so very much. So even though I excused myself from the running, I'd still like to thank whoever took the time to nominate me. Show yourself - the power of Dean compels you! (And give me drabble prompts.)

In other news, I am going to Spain with not one, not two, but THREE beautiful boys in a month. We'll be in Barcelona for about nine days. Josh and I have been to Barcelona and Madrid before, nine years ago; Greg and Ed have not. As usual, the boys are dragging their feet when it comes to actually planning and since I'm, um, me, I want to have at least a basic idea of what we're doing. So, any suggestions? Recommend anything in Barcelona or its environs - train trips are fine - no matter how basic. Please?

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Gaudi stuff: La pedrera (casa mila, apartment building) park guell, sagrada famillia, casa batllo (another apartment building). All amazing.

Picasso museum - interesting though not amazing.

Oh and there's, dammit, what's it called. A theatre/music hall with amazing architecture.

The beach.

I went to somewhere nearby by train for the day - sitges. Pretty beach. It's a gay resort so if your boys are uncomfortable being checked out by men I dont know how they'd find it but it was nice.

Thank you!

I remember Sagrada Familla and the park, but I didn't know about all the other Gaudi stuff. And we didn't get to the Picasso museum last time.

I'm not really a beach person but the boys are, so looks like I'll be bathing-suit shopping soon. Yuck.

And two of the boys (Greg and Ed) are together, so they have no problems being checked out by men. Each of them might have a problem with the other one being checked out, though, so will have to consider.

Will email you at some point this weekend, pet. Just trying to get non-computery stuff done while the cool weather lasts.

You must see all the Gaudi, ahhhh. Sitges was a nice little day trip I remember. Not amazing amazing but if you're in barcelona for a while, it's nice to get out and see somewhere else. Or there must be other beaches near barcelona. Obviously eat in placa reial cos it's a cool square. I've eaten in, the four cats, it might be, on that square twice, ha ha, so wave if you see it. I heart barcelona.

You got no drabble prompts? I missed that answer when you first asked. Here goes then:

It's too hot to sleep

I did want drabble prompts from my anonymous nominator, but yours were too good to pass up. So I wrote a series of linked drabbles, all Sam/Jess.

“I want to be somewhere with sunshine, Sam.”

“Like . . . California?” he smirked.

“A different sun. A tropical sun,” Jess amended, refusing to let him bug her. She knew he was protesting because he barely had a bank balance, but she also knew he needed something to take his mind off family, with Christmas just around the corner. It would be good for him to have something to look forward to after finals were done; he was sleeping less and less. She made her eyes big. “Please? I really need this,” she begged.

He simply couldn’t deny her.

Jess’s only concession to Stanford was the skimpy cardinal-red bikini she wore on the beach, striking against the white Caribbean sand. Just looking at her sweet curves as she lay on a towel, skin smeared with suntan lotion and his fingerprints, he was convinced that the world had nothing better to offer.

“Be right back,” he said, listening for her sleepy murmur. Jess gave with both hands, holding nothing back, and she deserved something in return. He jogged up the beach to the hotel lobby.

She slept while he fastened the anklet, and the pearls shone against her tan skin.

“So let me get this straight,” she said, looking like she was going to start a giggle fit any moment. “It’s too hot to sleep, but it’s not too hot for” – she mischievously dragged his hand underneath her white cotton shortie nightgown – “this?”

“Right,” he ground out, sweeping a thumb over her nipple, tracing long fingers over her navel, watching as she arched up helplessly into his hand.

“Sam,” she groaned, voice gone dark and deep, wiggling her hips.


“Don’t tease,” she said, fingers digging into his shoulders, trying to pull him all the way down, where he belonged.

Her hand was splayed out against his chest, casually possessive in sleep. Her fingers were long, the nails painted pink. If he looked long enough, he could see his ring on her finger.

It would be simple – he couldn’t afford anything else. But it would be beautiful and she would light up when he offered it and that’s all she would wear when she came to bed that night.

It would be cold, nestled in the velvet box, but her flesh would warm it up, and it would be smooth against his back when she held him close, loving him.

Aw honey these are all great. I am so glad you took up the drabbles, despite my rudeness in suggesting them! I Love sunshine - I love the suggestion that Sam's lack of sleep was a theme before losing Jess, because then he'd lost his family.

Sam buying her an anklet while she sleeps - aw he's such a sweetie. My favourite image though is probably 'It would be cold...but her flesh would warm it up.'

You weren't rude! Just . . . enthusiastic. Hee!

And the prompts you suggested really seemed to go together, so I'm glad you were happy with what I came up with.

How's the office fic coming?

Ohh lets see, office fic going - not at all!! Posting Split Dean took up my only spare sunday night time, and now I'm in busy week again. I want to finish off Office, maybe Bodyswap FINALLY this week cos they're bugging me. I have no idea what to do with office though. I don't think I can do a 1.5, it's the mystery bit I am stuck on. All that has to change, I think, as you say - no coherent story there. I've literally not changed a word, I just stare and stare at it.

Anyway, Ramble, me?

I loved the drabbles. All the barcelona talk led to the vacation/sunshine prompts!

OH, Sam.

These are lovely, darling. SIGH.

Now I twig you only wanted drabble prompts to reward your nominer!! I am SLOW. Ah well.Still remaining anonymous?

Also: Tibidabo up on a hill in barcelona has a good view and a church, and an amusement park (which was shut, in creepy manner when i went).It might have a haunted house though I might be mis remembering.

There are the fountains that change colours in time to music (font magica).

You may know all this if you've already been. Unfortunately Barcelona is like, my specialist subject, ha ha ha. I LOVE it. Anyway. Being quiet now.

No, don't be quiet! Email me with anything and everything, please!

Meant to comment here before but got sidetracked, and then Monkie reminded me tonight.

What Pheebs said re: the Gaudi stuff. You should be able to find walking tour info on all thing Gaudi fairly easily.

If you haven't truly wandered the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) off La Rambla, do so. All sorts of hidden treasures down random alleys.

The Picasso Museum is worth going if you're interested in the full history of his work.

For day trips, we went to Tarragona. It's an small, old Roman city an easy one-hour train ride south along the coast. Far quieter than Sitges, but gorgeous.

Anyway, hope that's helpful.

I'm such a slacker. I meant to thank you for this days ago and to use your notes to look up stuff in my guidebook, but I've done neither.

In any case, thank you so much for your advice! Tarragona sounds like something I wouldn't have figured out on my own.

Making lists of what I need to do sometimes just means, hey, I have a list. *g*

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