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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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new pics of the same old apartment
dean is at home with bobby
Hi, everybody!

I've been promising pictures of my place, now that it's been painted and bookshelves have been built and my art has been framed. So here they are! (The pictures from when I first moved into this apartment are here.) [I meant to put this post up yesterday, but could get neither Scrapbook nor Photobucket to cooperate.]

The colors of the paint don't seem to be coming through properly - there are only four colors: pale yellow in the hallway, kitchen, library, and living room; greenish-greyish-blue in both bathrooms; royal blue in the guest bedroom; soft, creamy orange in the master bedroom. Also, if you want to know more about any of the art or objects pictured, feel free to ask.

Working from the back to the front:

This is the guest bedroom. One wall is yellow and the rest are royal blue. The seascape is an unaltered photo I took in Australia several years ago. The sketches are part of Gaudi's designs for Sagrada Familia.

This is my bedroom - the colors are not well translated. The orange is soft and creamy and rich without being overwhelming. You can see a little of some of the art I've got up. That black-and-white piece is actually nine of my favorite Fritz Eichenberg etchings illustrating Jane Eyre.

And here's my bathroom. Again, the color on the walls didn't come out right - it's greener and altogether warmer. The guest bathroom is the same color (as is the breakfast bar).

A view of the hallway from the kitchen toward the bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry closet. The yellow is not nearly this golden.

One quick shot of the kitchen.

This is a truer yellow than the previous shots. This is the living room. You can see the new rug I bought, which picks up the pale yellow of the paint, the dark red of the brick, and the soft brown of the couches, all on a moonstone-colored background. It's very pretty and very soft and really pulled the room together.

And this is my new happy place - my library. These shelves (plain oak) go from floor to ceiling on three sides of the room, and the fourth wall is broken up by a large window (next to the window is a Pre-Raphaelite painting of Hero with a torch, waiting for Leander). You can see the rocking chair where I sit and read and pinch myself every once in a while. The colored glass on one shelf is from my trip to New Mexico, and there's a tiny statue that you might not be able to make out on the next shelf over - it's of a large figure (made out of an actual railroad spike) with a smaller figure (made out of, you guessed it, a smaller railroad spike) on its lap and they're reading a book together.

So that's my place! All I need now is a piece of art to hang over my bed and I'll be done!

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I love your colour schemes! It all looks beautiful!

Even without being able to see the picture, I feel quite sure that the painting of Hero with a torch is Burne-Jones. Am I right?!

Ah, Evelyn de Morgan - I often mistake her work for Burne-Jones!

Wow, that's a really beautiful apartment!

Oh, it's completely gorgeous!!!! You have exquisite taste. My bookshelves want to be your bookshelves when they grow up. *g*

Ha! I'm sure your bookshelves are lovely and waiting to be filled with fun books rather than schoolwork!

Oooh, the whole flat looks really, really lovely and well thought! I've looked at the original photos and while seeing them on their own I'd have thought "great flat", it's amazing what warmth and homeliness the colour scheme can bring.

Also, eep! belated Happy Birthday!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the kind words about the apartment!

happy (belated) birthday! I love the pics - it was great that you captured the before, as well as the after. And it really shows what paint, a little accessorizing (and framing wall art) can do!

I moved this year -- this *almost* motivates me to put up pics of my new living space!

Thank you so much! I'd been wanting to paint this apartment since I bought it three years ago and finally had the funds to get it done this summer.

Also, dooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiit - I'd love to see where you're living now!

(Deleted comment)
It looks lovely! I'm so glad you had a good birthday :DD

I did - and you will have to come over soonish!

Very pretty! I like. :)

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