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Yuletide: Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman, Walking & Talking, Round About Five, Case Histories

Hi there Author/Pinch-hitter/Treat-writer/All-around cool person!

I should say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share! I'm going to copy and paste bits of my standard Yuletide letter and include some fandom-specific details as well. If you're confused about anything, you can always leave an anonymous comment here and I'll do my best to answer.

I'm fairly catholic in my tastes; I read and write all of the following: gen, het, slash, humor, horror, angst, character-driven pieces, plotty pieces, AUs, canon-compliant fics, and more. I swoon for humor. I adore quietly sorrowful stories. And I quite enjoy romance (and prefer it to smut, though I don't have a problem with smut that's in character). I'm not terribly fond of crossovers - the ones I do like are ones that stay fairly true to both canons, and the characters are thrown together more for plot reasons than just for PWP reasons (also not a fan of PWPs). I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, infidelity, dub-con, non-con, humiliation, power-play, polyamory, or heavy kink, please. I'm also not really a fan of holiday-themed stories, particularly since I don't celebrate any holiday occurring on the same timeline as Yuletide.

My master fic list is available both on lj and on AO3 (and lj will have more info on why the stories were written), if you'd like to see the kind of things I write. I've got an "on writing" tag that might also be useful. Now on to the details, since I think I'm more likely to get a story that hits all of my buttons if I tell you what my buttons are.

The Tin Princess (Sally Lockhart series) by Philip Pullman
Adelaide Bevan, Jim Taylor
I loved The Tin Princess so much - in my eyes, it eclipsed the original Sally-centric trilogy (which you don't need to know in order to read/enjoy this book). What I loved most was the absolute pull between Jim and Adelaide and the way they worked around and through their feelings and still got stuff done. They didn't mope; they accomplished. What I want is to know where things go from here, how Rudi and Becky changed them, how they organize their lives now, if Adelaide goes on stage and Jim writes. Just tell me it's not the end.

Walking and Talking
Amelia, Andrew
I adore Amelia because she's believably both incompetent and lovely. Her relationships are what the movie is all about - and the one I want to know more about is the one she has with Andrew. So tell me about the first time they were together, or how the black pants broke them up, or what they're doing now that they're giving each other another shot. They're ridiculously charming together and I love that I'm never sure if they're staying together or if there will be more Bills and Virginias down the road.

Round About Five
Man, Bicycle Courier, Girlfriend
What a gorgeous and evocative short film this is - it made me wonder about all three of these people and if the connections between them would hold. I'd love to learn more about the Bicycle Courier particularly, what the Man said to get her to agree and what was making her smile as she pedaled. The full film is here and a slightly edited version set to music is here. (My infidelity squick doesn't mean you can't get Man and Bicycle Courier together - just don't do it while he's in a relationship with Girlfriend, please.)

Case Histories (TV)
Jackson Brodie, Louise Munroe, Niamh Brodie, Marlee Brodie
I was surprised how different and dark the books were compared to the TV series, so this request is mostly for the TV series. I love the way Jackson solves his cases and the thoughts he allows himself to entertain as he follows his leads. I'd love it if you could write a case for him to solve - that would be a bonus; what I really want, case or no case, is to see Jackson thinking about the women in his life, particularly his sister, his daughter, and Louise. I'm particularly fond of the third case, so if you want to keep Joanna Hunter and Reggie Teague in the mix, I'm all for it.

Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you send my way!

All the best,
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