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A rank amateur in lucky underwear

I went to the upfronts yesterday. I've never gone to anything like that, and I had no idea what to expect or how to position myself. Oh, well.

I missed Jensen and Jared before the upfronts (though I did hear some squeeing over the fact that they'd arrived in the same car and some complaining that neither one had stopped to sign anything). I did get to see several other people, none of whom interested me. While I was waiting, Tom Welling came over and signed some autographs. I can now confirm that he is just as disturbing in person as he seems to be on TV; he is unutterably creepy. Then Michael Rosenbaum came over and signed stuff. Someone asked him to pose for a picture and he did but protested, "But I look ridiculous." True that, Mike; what was up with your sixth-grade sunglasses? Finally, Chad Michael Murray came over, which caused much fangirl hysteria as fangirls declared themselves for him or for his (ex-?)wife. I have never felt so old.

After the upfronts, Jensen came out and the fangirls around me started shouting, "Jared! It's Jared!" No, it's not. I couldn't see Jensen, but apparently he signed a few things and then took off for the buses that were waiting to get all the CW people to lunch. There was a lot of griping about how rude he'd been, but frankly, I think he just looked tired and twitchy like he seems to get when too much attention is focused on him. I managed three quick pictures. I left then and headed for the subway station, only to discover that the station was right near the place the CWers were having their lunch. So I waited a little longer. Missed Jensen again, saw lots more people, and then a limo pulled up and Jared (in a goofy little hat) unfolded himself from the backseat. I took one quick picture and decided to call it a day.

But as I was heading for the station, I saw Enrico Colantoni walking toward me. I smiled and asked him to sign something for me, which he very willingly did. He has such a sweet, warm, gentlemanly smile. As he was signing my book (I was SO unprepared - all I could offer him was a novel) Jason Dohring came up and stood there. I asked him if he'd mind signing it too. For whatever reason, he took a very long time to do so and he looked like he was really concentrating. No idea what that was all about. But he smiled at me and he's really much better-looking in person. So my lucky underwear worked after all.

So, here are my pics. They're not very good; I wasn't used to the camera (I borrowed my brother's digital camera for this), but they're all I've got.

so pretty!
baby got back
those are some broad shoulders
that could almost be a Jayne Cobb hat

And I promise to catch up with answering comments on my last few posts by tonight!
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