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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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A rank amateur in lucky underwear
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
I went to the upfronts yesterday. I've never gone to anything like that, and I had no idea what to expect or how to position myself. Oh, well.

I missed Jensen and Jared before the upfronts (though I did hear some squeeing over the fact that they'd arrived in the same car and some complaining that neither one had stopped to sign anything). I did get to see several other people, none of whom interested me. While I was waiting, Tom Welling came over and signed some autographs. I can now confirm that he is just as disturbing in person as he seems to be on TV; he is unutterably creepy. Then Michael Rosenbaum came over and signed stuff. Someone asked him to pose for a picture and he did but protested, "But I look ridiculous." True that, Mike; what was up with your sixth-grade sunglasses? Finally, Chad Michael Murray came over, which caused much fangirl hysteria as fangirls declared themselves for him or for his (ex-?)wife. I have never felt so old.

After the upfronts, Jensen came out and the fangirls around me started shouting, "Jared! It's Jared!" No, it's not. I couldn't see Jensen, but apparently he signed a few things and then took off for the buses that were waiting to get all the CW people to lunch. There was a lot of griping about how rude he'd been, but frankly, I think he just looked tired and twitchy like he seems to get when too much attention is focused on him. I managed three quick pictures. I left then and headed for the subway station, only to discover that the station was right near the place the CWers were having their lunch. So I waited a little longer. Missed Jensen again, saw lots more people, and then a limo pulled up and Jared (in a goofy little hat) unfolded himself from the backseat. I took one quick picture and decided to call it a day.

But as I was heading for the station, I saw Enrico Colantoni walking toward me. I smiled and asked him to sign something for me, which he very willingly did. He has such a sweet, warm, gentlemanly smile. As he was signing my book (I was SO unprepared - all I could offer him was a novel) Jason Dohring came up and stood there. I asked him if he'd mind signing it too. For whatever reason, he took a very long time to do so and he looked like he was really concentrating. No idea what that was all about. But he smiled at me and he's really much better-looking in person. So my lucky underwear worked after all.

So, here are my pics. They're not very good; I wasn't used to the camera (I borrowed my brother's digital camera for this), but they're all I've got.

so pretty!
baby got back
those are some broad shoulders
that could almost be a Jayne Cobb hat

And I promise to catch up with answering comments on my last few posts by tonight!

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YAY! You posted. Hee, Jared's hat. Hee.

And TOM! Why do you think he's creepy?

I was just going to ask this: why is Tom creepy?

Jared's hat cracks me up more and more the longer I look at it. Particularly because by that time, it was bloody hot outside - it's not like he needed the warmth.

I just think TW is cartoonish-looking. Everything is a little too heightened (all the colors are too bright, and his teeth are scarily sharp). Plus I think he looks dumb, to the point where I feel my IQ dropping the longer I look at him. I know he's the key to the universe for some people; I just don't get it at all.

Jared was carrying that hat in his hand ALL FREAKING DAY. *smiles*

::high fives you:: Good for you. Don't feel old. You just have some self control. LOL

I was just going to say: is it to do with age? I never acted like a fangirl when I was young, ha ha. It's just not in me. I'd be all *hides eyes, Im not here really* about it!

Hee! It really wasn't self-control, to be frank. I just could not care less about CMM and the girl in front of me kept saying, "I will flip my shit if he brought Kenzie, I swear to God." Yes, because you are so deeply, personally involved, dear.

In conclusion: Jensen is the prettiest. ::high five back::

Hee!! Go you!! And hurray for lucky underwear!!!

I know what you mean about feeling old at these things but I find I get a kick out of watching all the hoopla. That is awesome you got to talk to Enrico and Jason!! And I agree, JD is stunning in person, so much more so than on screen but he's not bad on screen either. ;-)

As for Jensen, I'd tend to agree with your assessment. The TV interview they had to go to was really early and he doesn't seem at all comfortable with the fangirl attention. Which is probably why he's always trying to deflect it towards Jared. And Jared's hat thing is hideous but he looks totally adorable in it... how is that possible?????

Jared has mad skills when it comes to getting away with totally ugly sartorial choices. It's really mysterious, considering how much of him there is to cover and therefore how much ugly material he requires to wrap around himself. But that hat is totally a Jayne Cobb wannabe, so I kind of love it (of course, it was almost 80 degrees out, so I still don't *understand* it).

Enrico and Jason made my day, man, especially considering Jensen's multiple vanishing acts.

That's so cool that you got to go! Even if you didn't get to meet Jared and Jensen.

But DUDE! You met Enrico and Jason!!! I'm so jealous!

Nawwww, Jared looks so cute in his hat ;-)

It IS a cute hat, isn't it?

It would have been nice to meet Jensen but I get the impression he was so out of it that he didn't really "meet" anybody that day.

Yay for Enrico and Jason!

Hee lucky lucky you to get to even see the boys with your own eyes. I like Jared's hat and well I think Jensen seems very uncomfortable with the attention, which is attractive. It is funny I still think Dean is more attractive than Jensen but Jared is way more than Sam. I heart Jared to pieces. Anyway, Enrico! and Jason D!! Aww he signed something for you? That is so cool!

It's just occurring to me that I really should read what Enrico and Jason wrote.

Yes, Jensen looked positively yummy. And it's funny that neither he nor Jared really looked all that tall in person. Maybe the hat made Jared look too childish for my brain to compute "there's no such thing as a 6'5" child, duh!"?

It's funny cause I absolutely think Jensen has every right to go and rest and I do think the attention must make him uncomfortable. I dont' think it's him being miserable. But then again - it's nice when Jared smiles and takes pics and when Jason signs something. You have to learn to put up with these things I think.

It's funny cause in some of the pics of Jared people took he's like TOWERING above them, so I'm surprised you say he didn't look tall!

Oh my gosh, that's so awesome! It sounds like you had a great time! I still think Jensen's pants are hideous, but man, they sure do nice things for his anatomy.

Jensen's pants were working much harder than Jensen was, that's for damn sure. Hee!

I think Jensen was a leetle bit hungover. When they interviewed him his eyes were bloodshot.

Jared is adorkable. And huge.

Jared really didn't look that huge in person. Very odd. And Jensen had to have been hungover to wear pants that tight and shiny.

They were SHINY? *dies of laughter*

When the light hit them right, you bet they were.

Oh. My. God. Who the hell dressed him? K, so Jared's got the whole grunge thing going 24/7, but SHINY TROUSERS?!

The leprechaun who sits on his shoulder and tells him to burn things?

Run with scissors, Jensen! DO IT! DOOOOOOOOO IT!

Oh, these pictures are great; thanks for sharing! :)

*sighhh* Jensen. He is so very curvy in all the right places.

Is it sad that I wear hats like Jared's, sometimes? When I'm in one of those what the hell moods. I *heart* that hat and sweater combo. Much more so than Jensen's outfit, as... illuminating as it is. ;)

BTW, I agree with you about TW. He's just too perfect for me, and I don't know what he's like in person, but his eyes are so... vacant? I dunno. Is he any more animated or charismatic in person?

Mm-hmmm! Such a pretty boy!

No, see, I think the hat is cute. But it was pushing 80 degrees, so he clearly wore it for the sole purpose of being cute, and really, he doesn't need the help.

Vacant is a very good word for TW. He looked right at me and was so BLANK that it scared me. It's like there's nothing there.

Ah, I see. I'd forgotten the heat. No, I wear mine only in winter or late fall.

So TW's like that in person, too? That's just creepy. I mean... I'm sure he's a great guy, but... *shudder*

You know I look at this picture you posted:

and for some reason all that comes to mind is that old song from the 90's--"baby's got back" LOL


It's great that you got to hang out there even if it is too bad you didn't get to meet them. Thank the lord for lucky underwear!

That's the caption I put on that picture! Scroll your mouse over it and you'll see!

Huzzah! Lucky underwear!

OMG! You did! The browser I normally use doesn't usually pop up the scroll boxes so I opened it up in IE after you posted and sure enough...

And you're right about the next one too(those are some broad shoulders), that's exactly what I was thinking looking at it. :D

Also that is weird about TW--he looks that vacant in real life too, huh? It is very noticeable when you look at the pics of him with OUR guys, they both have such sparkle in their eyes. Even hungover, Jensen got's more life and personality in his eyes.

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