kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

fannish get-together (yay, kate_lear!)

Hi, everybody!

In one month, I will have the lovely kate_lear here in New York for one week! She lands around 1 on Saturday, November 10 and wants to meet everyone who's around, so we'll most likely be staking out a table or two at The Way Station (that Brooklyn bar with the TARDIS bathroom) starting at about 4, when the place opens. Kate's not sure how long she'll last before jetlag kicks in, so if you'd like to hang out, come early.

Can you comment here if you want to hang out, just so I have an idea of how much room we'll need? Comments are screened, so if you want to put in any personal info or ask any questions, feel free.

Kate is one of the shining lights of Sherlock fandom, but all are welcome!
Tags: brooklyn, real_life

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