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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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reading & writing and other fun things
curled up with a book
Hi, everybody!

Oh, I got so much done yesterday! So much to talk about from these past few weeks.

I finally dropped all my unframed art off at the shop and talked through what I want each piece to look like. It cost a lot of money, which I've been spending like a drunken sailor lately, but it's the last thing I need to do to finish off my apartment; also, the guy at the store gave me a significant discount once he saw how much I brought him. I am so thrilled that all of this art will get to look its best soon. I also bought a couple of aluminum and canvas versions of pictures I've taken, which have been delivered recently. Once all the art is up (hopefully in about three weeks), I'll finally take pictures of the place all spiffed up and post them.

The other big thing I did yesterday? Reach out to my betas. I've finally started writing that last big Sherlock fic to finish off one of my ongoing series, and I've got about 8500 words right now, with plenty of plot still to get through. I'm planning on modernizing three of the ACD cases in this fic, and I've done the first one, and WOW, do some of those stories not make a lick of sense when you get right down to it. But it's hard to deny those characters. JOHN WATSON, I LOVE YOU.

Oh, wait, the other other big thing I did yesterday was to generate a little discussion over at sherlock_remix about how best to do the match-ups. It will be interesting to see how this all goes; while no one seems to be agreeing with me yet, it's worth it just to see people engaged and being helpful. Go fandom!

So, TV stuff has been happening as shows start airing new seasons. Ben and Kate was a really fun half hour - it's kind of like if New Girl (which is cute but not a reliably happy-making show) and Arrested Development (one of the greatest shows ever, according to me) had a baby: there's a lot of wacky, sitcommy humor, but the characters already feel authentically deep and genuine. (Community has many strengths, but one of them was rather the fluidity of the characters than their steadfastness; in any case, that's still the comedy I most want to see more of.) So that was a nice surprise. Less nice was Vegas, which felt really blah to me; I'll see if that picks up, but I'm totally willing to drop it like a hot potato if it doesn't. I'm looking forward to tonight's premieres of Last Resort (seriously, doesn't that sound like a reality show that would take place at some trashy beach resort with multiple hot-tub cameras?) and Elementary. And The Good Wife starts up again this Sunday!

Speaking of which, where is The Good Wife on the Yuletide spreadsheet? Or Pushing Daisies, Elementary, Soapdish, Suits, Community, Doctrine of Labyrinths, Life, Veronica Mars, Cabin Pressure, The Fall, The Simpsons, The Nanny, Northanger Abbey, Mordant's Need, or novels by Michael Chabon other than Kavalier & Clay and Summerland? Which reminds me - I'm about seventy-five pages from the end of his latest, Telegraph Avenue. It's more like K&C than my all-time favorite Wonder Boys or the second-best The Yiddish Policemen's Union, which is to say that it's still very good but not nearly as engaging. There aren't a lot of images that are sticking with me in this one, and the characters have not carved out little bits of my heart that will be theirs ever after.

Anyway, here's what I ended up nominating for Yuletide:
Walking and Talking (1996) ✔
Character Amelia (Walking and Talking) ✔
Character Andrew (Walking and Talking) ✔
Character Frank (Walking and Talking) ✔
Character Bill (Walking and Talking) ✔

Case Histories ✔
Character Jackson Brodie ✔
Character Louise Munroe ✔
Character Marlee Brodie ✔
Character Niamh Brodie ✔

Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman ✔
Character Rebecca Winter ✔
Character Jim Taylor ✔
Character Adelaide Bevan ✔
Character Prince Rudolf (Sally Lockhart) ✔

I saw a couple of plays through the Fringe Encores series last week. The first, Pulp Shakespeare, was fantastic. The premise (check out the website for the amazing cover image) is to rewrite Pulp Fiction in Shakespearean language. Sometimes there were direct quotes from the plays, but most of the language was written specifically to suit the movie. The guy playing Jules - Dan White - was a standout (also gorgeous), though the whole cast was game and having fun. (The "Badass Motherfucker" wallet? A drawstring pouch with "Blasted Oedipus" stitched on it.) The guy playing Butch didn't look like much like Bruce Willis until he pulled certain faces, and then it was uncanny. The guy playing Captain Koons did a dead-on Christopher Walken impression. I laughed myself silly. 8.5/10
The next night, I went to see Standby, which was atrocious. The premise is that after death, five people end up in limbo, which is depicted as an airport gate. Of course it turns out that they all have some connection with each other, of course they all realize this well after the audience does, etc. It's a musical with not one bit of memorable music, and the show didn't do anything interesting with the songs, either: the couple that was in love has duets, everyone else sings solos, the lyrics and melodies are all ridiculously on the nose. I wanted to walk out, but the theater was small and there was no intermission (crafty devils!). The sixth actor, who looked like the baby Jerry Seinfeld and Danny Pudi would have had, was incredibly hammy in his role as the "airport worker," though nobody on stage looked all that convincing. Ugh. I was apparently the only one who was disappointed, though, as the show got rousing applause. 0/10

So that's me. What's up with all of you lovely people?

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I just watched the first ep of Last Resort and really liked it. I mean, it's not without issues? And I don't know how they're going to sustain the premise. But holy crap, ANDRE BRAUGHER.

Absolutely agree. I had no idea what was going on (how many different groups are on that boat? what is the accent that couple in the NATO base was going for?), but I was still feeling the tension. I've actually never seen Andre Braugher in anything, but he was amazing. Scott Speedman (whom I've only ever seen in that movie he did with Sarah Polley) was also very good. But, yeah, when Andre Braugher says something, I JUST WANT TO OBEY.

You've never seen Homicide: Life on the Street? Oh my god, you NEED to see it, the first four seasons, at least (seasons 1 and 2 are truncated). It is the best cop show television has ever produced, and Braugher's character, Frank Pembleton, is one of the all-time great characters.

Would it help if I said every time I see one of your icons, I feel guilty that I still haven't seen the show?

Frank would approve. *g*

If I remember, maybe next time I'll bring the first couple of dvds for you to check it out.

Looking forward to reading your Sherlock fic when its finished.

On my side of the pond, I saw Chekhov's "Three Sisters" a couple of weeks ago. It was modernised (very well), the set was imaginative (in a positive sense) and it had Mariah Gale (Olga) and Sam Troughton (the Baron), two of my favourite actors in it. We had seats in the middle of the front row (I had booked as soon as tickets went on sale). So generally an excellent afternoon. And it was the third time I've seen Sam Troughton on stage this year.

The following week I went to see Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" with a group of Sherlock friends. "The Mousetrap" is in its 60th year of continuous performance, so we thought we should see it. It's entertaining and definitely improved by going with a group. Best line, said by the detective "Don't get murdered" - we cracked up at that point.

Yay, thanks!

I'm so pleased you've kept your Sam Troughton streak going - it's just wonderful to watch talented people get to do what they do best.

I've never seen The Mousetrap, in part because I know it will always be around for whenever the mood does strike me. That line is very funny.

I'm looking forward to your flat photos - it'll be nice for you to finally have it the way you want it.

Wow, that's a very mixed bag of plays! And funnily enough, the one time I would really like to have walked out, there was no intermission either! Mind you, that was only an hour long - it just felt more!

I have lots more theatre coming up this week, including Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde in the Judas Kiss, which I'm particularly looking forward to.

eeeeeeee, more theater! I'm going to see if I can get tickets to the new Cyrano in the next few weeks and then I'll just be waiting to see what's getting good press.

Given the number of plays I see, it's pretty good that there have only been three plays I've wanted to walk out of/did walk out of.

I'm so looking forward to the framed pictures going up on the walls! Did you do any more painting of your flat?

I haven't done anything more to my house since my bathroom was finished - I was so glad to get rid of the workman, I don't want any more disruption! My stairs/landing could do with redecorating, but maybe I'll just put lower watt bulbs in the lights instead! *g*

Any idea how long the framer will take?

Ha, lower-watt bulbs!

The framer suggested October 15 as a pick-up date and I asked for October 12, so hopefully that's for real. That would be especially excellent, as my brother will be in town that weekend and if I could prevail upon him to help me hang stuff up, that would be great.

Cabin Pressure has more than 200 fics on AO3, and 200ish is the cut-off point this year! If this is good or bad, I know not. ;-) (And even if we're only counting completed more-than-1000 words fics!)

Also, The Spreadsheet only records people who've announced their approved noms on the LJ post. There may be more fandoms from people who work in isolation! Actually, what am I saying, there *will* be more fandoms than what's on The Spreasheet right now. :)

Heya! I didn't realize that the cut-off was 200 1000-word fics - thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, I know that the spreadsheet requires users to leave a comment, but there are so many people doing that that I didn't remember there were some who hadn't/wouldn't.

What are you nominating and requesting for Yuletide?

(Deleted comment)
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