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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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so much
me in springfield
Holy schlamoly, all of the fics are now posted over at sherlock_remix and I think I even tagged them all properly. I've left a comment on the seriously awesome remix written for me, and now I'm going to fall into bed and not worry about how much my throat hurts. The plan for tomorrow? Lemon-honey-ginger and Case Histories (come to me, Jason Isaacs!).

Oh, and also, if you're in NYC, you MUST go see Venus in Fur, which was simply amazing.

Oh, wait, one last thing - does anyone have recommendations for bars in Brooklyn that hold good pub-quizzes/bar-trivia matches?

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*smishes you, entirely just because*

I don't think I'm contagious, so cuddle away!

Go you! Hope you feel better quickly.

Can't vouch for any of these, but here are some links:

Brokelyn Recs from Feb 2011

NY Times Recs from Jan 2011

Yelp Recs

Moar Yelp Recs (mostly the same)

You may want to make sure these bars are still doing it though, given the Recs are a year old.

Ooh, I'd seen the NYT list, but not the others - thanks!

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