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"Devil's Trap" (with links to pics!)

After I watched the finale, I just couldn't even formulate the words. My fourth time through I'd pulled myself together enough to send off three insanely long emails to the long-suffering monkiedude on the finale and begging shamelessly for screencaps (I always say my only talent is making friends who have actual talents). Now you too can read my scene-by-scene wittering!

Okay, this message will be all about the opening of the ep, which as I said really seemed off to me. If reading this will diminish your enjoyment, by all means skip it. I just need to vent.

Oh my God, that extreme closeup on Jensen's eyes - look how dilated his pupils are! He honestly looks terrified. I don't know how he does this.

And the face wipe that you capped! It's over in two seconds. That's all the time he gives himself to push down his panic and get his and Sam's asses in gear. He is SO STRONG.

Could you cap the moment he picks up the Colt? For some reason, I think his hand looks especially lovely there. [note that monkie has not yet learned her lesson, and therefore fulfilled every cap request I made]

Oh! Oh! "Tough guy"! Sam's face here - he looks like he wants to drop-kick Dean. Bad Sam!

"Everything stops until we get him back." Nice foreshadowing to the moment Sam realizes that John's wrong and not "everything" should take a backseat to killing the demon, Kripke!

Could you also cap Dean in the car just before he says, "You're right; we need help"? When the light is flashing on his face and you can see how PERFECT a profile he has?

Okay, I liked Bobby. But here is where I thought the ep really lagged. John could be in mortal danger (which would KILL Dean) and they're passing around whiskey? Nuh uh. Dean's "you cocked the shotgun and everything" also had a bizarrely flirtatious smile accompanying it. Not to mention that the whole exchange reminded me very strongly of a scene from the pilot of Firefly. The best part of this exchange was Dean saying, "Yeah I guess he does," because it falsely foreshadows the showdown at the end of the ep - Dean holds the gun on John precisely because he's not John, the stubborn bastard who seems to fight with everyone except Dean (Sam, Elkins, Bobby). Nicely played, Kripke. Plus, look how good Dean is at making and keeping allies.

The whole "protective circles" discussion was fine, but shouldn't Bobby have pointed up to show the boys the one on the ceiling? My point is, I have no idea how Dean knew it was there when Meg showed up only one moment later. [monkie pointed out that there's a shot of Dean looking up at the ceiling . . . so, never mind]

The dog is named Rumsfeld. That is hilarious.

Dean goes flying, as usual; is this the only ep where that happens but Sam doesn't get strangled?

Jensen does snarly triumph so DAMN well. "Gotcha" he said and I shivered. And his little smile when he says, "Where's our father, bitch?"!!! And the trembly lips! God, he was killing me!

When Bobby tells Dean that Meg is possessed and Dean responds with an exorcism, it just shows the difference between Dean and John. In the last ep, John said Meg was either a demon or possessed by a demon, and it made no difference either way. Dean knows better. He knows he has to try to save her, even if she dies as a result; he will be freeing her from the worst kind of mental torture by plunging her into physical anguish.

I had some problems with the exorcism scene (aside from 1: the awesome, awesome "hit it, Sam," 2: the way Dean looks barely leashed throughout, 3: the fact that I think the "he's not dead - he can't be!" is less wishful thinking and more Dean knowing he'd KNOW if half his entire world had died, and 4: "I lied!"). Sam STOPS FOUR TIMES to look dumsquizzled. WTF, Sam? You were so much more competent in "Phantom Traveler"! But what I really didn't buy was that Dean would choose to kill Meg (even though he knew it was a mercy-killing like he said) by using Sam as his weapon; I was sure he would grab the book and finish the chant himself, rather than give Sam an opportunity for future guilt.

Can you cap Dean's face when he realizes Meg's not dead after the exorcism? It is a thing of beauty.

Meg's dead smile is awesome, and the way Dean swallows and blinks back tears is astonishing.

And there endeth kunju's complaints.

That look Dean gives Bobby as he's leaving is totally the look he wore at the very end of "Nightmare," and there are too many emotions in it to name.

Jensen is a genius, A GENIUS, when it comes to movements that look involuntary. Remember the fist he made after the "why didn't you call me" conversation in "Salvation"? Watch him load the guns here - a muscle in his throat quivers because he's so on edge. How does he DO that?!? Also, I absolutely adore the way he tightens his lips when he's steeling himself to say or do something, like he does right after he says, "Just gettin' ready." He's been doing that all season long.

Okay, Sam's "He's gonna be fine, Dean," is where I started yelling at Sammy again. For serious, the boy's a born politician, saying whatever fits the moment. Earlier it was all Dad's dead so let's fulfill his deathbed wish and now it's all no worries man; that PISSED ME OFF. I'm glad Dean didn't deign to respond.

I adore crankyass Dean! Stick around, crankyass, you're always welcome.

"And since when do you care what Dad wants?" Well said, Dean. And could you cap Dean's incredulous smile when Sam says, "You're the one who came and got me at school!"? Dean looks like he's going to pick up the demons' slack and choke Sam himself. He's certainly clenching his jaw hard enough. (And could Sam say "Dean" any more than he does in that scene? It might even beat the "Route 666" Dean-fest.) (Also, does Dean's charm look totally different - I noticed it when he's making a big show of putting the Colt in the trunk. [monkie's answer was "no"]) The boy's eyelashes are lethal weapons.

I love that Dean rolls when he walks because he's slightly bowlegged. Look at our freckled baby! And "this sucks out loud" is indeed perfection. I loved the two-pronged fire alarm plan; Dean is awfully clever. Sam needs a haircut PRONTO. And the peeing Yorkie - heeeeee! Oh, DEAN!

Jensen must be awfully skinny if he still didn't look bulky in the firefighter gear. Aww, darling, take care of yourself! And OF COURSE Dean wanted to be a firefighter. Okay, his VOICE when he does the "this is the fire department - we need you to evacuate" line is pure aural sex. And the way he tears open the collar of the firefighter jacket is the perfect visual accompaniment. Could you cap that, please?

Okay, yes, we've all squeed over the way Sammy CHOSE Dean, sided with Dean, listened to Dean throughout the crucial showdown between Dean and the demon. But here we get to see Dean doing the same for Sam. He puts aside his own desperation to help his father and lets Sam take a few precious seconds to do his holy water bit. And boy that demon is crafty, huh? Calling right to Sam and ignoring Dean completely. Oh, and Dean's guilty little face when Sam tells John the Colt is safe!

I totally don't get the possession thing. Black eyes is a sign of the demon's kids, right? Are Meg and whatshisname the demon's only kids? Or are the black eyes a sign of possession by ANY demon? And does a demon divide itself in order to possess more than one person at a time or is it a second demon possessing a second person? (Hee! I just noticed that big bald possessed guy's name patch says "Kim" - why hello, Mr. Manners!)

Sam sure is liberal with the salt.

The running kick Dean delivers to demonboy's head is beyond hot. Possibly nuclear. And a cap of Dean's "I killed a person" face as he looks at dead demonboy would not go amiss. And I keep wondering if this murder will lead the cops to our boys, since they don't get to clean up the scene. [who's going to write this fic???]

Is that cabin they're in a regular hideout of theirs? Was it Caleb's or Pastor Jim's?

The makeup people did a fantastic job on Sam's right eye - the fact that he couldn't open it all the way kept shocking and hurting me.

THESE are the caps I want most, please: Dean's smile as he says, "So I guess you're glad I brought the gun, huh?" And then when he says "You're welcome" he goes into the lip-tightening to end all lip-tightenings and those soft dimples come out and he looks so tortured and lovely. And the TONGUE right after he says, "For you and Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill." And the "you're not mad?" face. Holy God, I want that whole scene to run on repeat for the rest of my life.

"You watch out for this family. You always have." Cruelest moment of the ep, I think, and this one was chock-full of them.

DemonJohn is much more polite than regular John.

I love that Dean says with perfect faith that Sam shot at the demon but it vanished; he doesn't know that Sam hesitated before shooting and that pause might have been all the demon needed. Given that Sam squandered his opportunity, and my supposition that John either died in the crash or will die in the hospital, I think it's up to Dean to kill the demon. Dean was the one John handed the gun to. Dean's the one who won't lose his head.

The fact that Dean knew the demon wasn't John was just like Sam knowing the shapeshifter wasn't Dean; it's knowledge based on love. And it's something John and Sam, left on their own, wouldn't be able to manage. It's interesting, too, that Dean's only previous experience along these lines was with amped!Sam, who really WAS Sam. I love this kind of continuity.

A cap of Dean as he raises the gun on John would be much appreciated. The trembly lip strikes again! I LOVE the point you made about Dean not trying to persuade Sam [let us all take a moment to hail monkie's brilliance]. All he says is, "He's . . . different" (though his agonized face says everything for him); demonJohn, meanwhile, is using every trick in the book to woo Sam. And you can see that it gets to Sam, tempts him, and so when he CHOOSES Dean, it's so powerful - and I *love* the way he doesn't even SAY "no," he just breathes it.

What was that you were saying about capable thighs? Look at Dean when the demon slams him into the wall. Lord.

I've never found John hot (though I DO find Denny hot), but demonJohn was just creepy, slinky sex. "He's going to taste the iron in your blood." "That was my boy." Those two lines especially, demonJohn was working his voice very effectively. And the whole "Sam is clearly John's favorite" speech is STRAIGHT out of fanfic, particularly the part about fighting with Sam showing more love than relying on and ignoring Dean. OUCH.

Dean always emulates John: copies the way he dresses, mimics his behavior quirks, imitates his speech patterns. And the fact that he does the same (in a limited way) with demonJohn is just awesome ("oh right, I forgot").

I was SCREAMING and SHAKING when Dean was pleading/demanding "Dad, don't you let it kill me! Dad, please!" This show is going to drive me to an early grave. Also, I'd love a "Dad, please" cap.

Why could Sammy move the dresser but not get the gun?

Dean slumps and falls from the wall he's been pinned to so, so beautifully. I guess all the swooning and staggering in "Faith" was good practice.

Oh, the sob in Dean's throat when he repeats "go check on him"!! And how absolutely RIGHT is it that Dean's pained whispers mean more to Sam than all of John's histrionic shouting? [Though, once again, I bow to monkie's subtler read of the resolution - Sam isn't just choosing Dean, he's choosing to embrace Dean's way of thinking, his mantra that family comes first.]

And I need a cap of Dean in the rearview mirror to cry over. Wow, look at me being the greediest piglet ever!

Thanks so so much for listening to all of this rambling, monkie! I owe you!
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