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How important is this? I don't really know.
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi All!

Lots of people - including me - have been grumbling with the way Television Without Pity has been handling Supernatural. I decided to write an email to Sars, Wing Chun, and Glark (the head honchos at TWoP) about the situation.

On 4/6/06, I sent this email with the subject line "Supernatural / Drunken Bee / Demian":

Hi Mods!

I'm kunju on the boards. I'm writing to you (all of you - didn't know which one to pick) because there has been a lot of unhappiness with the way Supernatural has been handled on the site. Drunken Bee's recaps are alienating much of her audience (it has become a bit of a sore subject, as several posters' livejournal entries bear out). No one expects that a recapper and show will be a perfect match every time (though Couch Baron and Veronica Mars together really are glorious). But Drunken Bee seems to treat the show with a disdain that is not wholly merited, and with each painfully unfunny recap implies that no one but a shallow, brain-dead twelve-year-old girl could possibly enjoy the show on any level. She doesn't even seem to get any satisfaction out of ripping the show to shreds, the way Demian does with Charmed (which I don't watch, but for which I read the recaps religiously).

In addition, Drunken Bee absents herself from the boards. She neither posts nor steps in when a moderator would be much appreciated. Demian has posted more often on the boards than she has.

Demian's recap of the pilot episode was a thing of beauty. I've read it several times and I laugh every time. A number of posters have expressed a wish (on livejournal) that he be assigned recapping duties for Supernatural, especially since Charmed is winding down its long and painful run. I wanted to ask directly for this to happen. He evidently watches the show; judging by his recap and his contributions to the forum, he mocks it and enjoys it the same way most of the TWoPpers do. It would certainly be a better match than Drunken Bee, whose brief and disdainful recaps seem to exist for the sole purpose of convincing the world of the criminal stupidity of the show.

I know a lot of people were worried about being banned from TWoP if they expressed their feelings. I thought a private email was the best way to make our wishes known. Please believe me when I say there are at least fifteen other TWoPpers capable of writing this same email (the fear of being banned is all that's holding them back) and replace Drunken Bee with Demian.

Thank you very much,

I got no response from Wing Chun (fair enough - I believe the way it works is that Sars and Wing Chun split supervisor duties of shows, and it seems this show is Sars's), an automated response from Glark explaining that he doesn't really handle shows anymore, and this from Sars thirty minutes later:

Thanks for your comments -- keep reading!


I wrote back and asked for a little clarification - was that just an automated response or was she saying that things would change in the near future? I got no response to that email. pheebs1 told me she wrote in too and got absolutely no reponse at all. And that was the end of that.

Or so I thought until a few more people complained about Drunken Bee's recaps (which you can find here) and I shared my original email and got an overwhelming response. People offered to write in.

Now, I don't think this is the most important cause in the world, or anything close. But TWoP can be an influential place. Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett have all talked about lurking on the boards and even mention the site on the DVDs. Veronica Mars's creator (Rob Thomas) and most of the cast and a good portion of the crew post on the site, mention the site, and/or throw shout-outs to the site on the show. winterlive made the excellent point that TWoP's handling of shows might influence executives who make decisions about which shows to renew. The New York Times actually quoted part of Demian's fabulous recap of the pilot in a long article (1/22/06, "Things That Go Bump in Prime-Time") on the show and its appeal.

Let me say that I don't know a lot about the way TWoP works. I don't know if the assignments for next season have already been handed out. I don't know if the mods will replace Drunken Bee simply because we're unhappy. I don't know if Demian even wants the job of being the Supernatural recapper. But if enough of us write in, maybe we can get a recapper who actually gives a damn about the show, and the powers that be might take some notice. So I'd encourage you to read the recaps for yourself and if you're bothered by them, to write in (Sars's email is and ask that some changes are made. And keep your fingers crossed for season 2!

Wow, you're very brave. TWoP is notorious for mishandling dissenting voices. It's rather bothersome to me. I commend you. I don't read the SPN recaps there, but I do peruse through the forum...

It's very important, to speak out, especially when TWoP has a definite influence. I think at Paley, Kripke mentioned being internet-obsessed post-episode, and I imagine one of his hits is TWoP. Knowing that, that what he reads there may in some indirect way influence the show and his understanding of fans, it's a good idea to step up when it needs to be done.

Thanks for doing so.

Ooh, I don't think I heard that Paley tidbit! We can't let Kripke & Co. think this is what the show deserves.

Will you write a letter too?

Good for you for posting this. I did indeed email and got no response at all. (I mailed glark, got an automated response that said he only deals with technical stuff and forwarded to sars). I, like you, also pointed out in my email that it's not just the recaps but mishandling of the boards that drives people away. I also said I am not someone who complains a lot, who even posts as much as some, but I read their boards a lot and that it was disappointing. I thought her recap this week was less bitchy than usual, like she was trying? Perhaps like there'd be a wristslap. I highly doubt they'd change their recapper until series 2 starts and even then... I don't know. It's a shame. I'm too busy to really keep up there so I'm not deliberately not going back, but it makes me less eager to.

Yeah, I haven't really bothered going back. Which is a shame, since I enjoy a lot of the discussion, and there are a few posters who I don't think are on lj.

And you're far more generous than I am - I didn't see any improvement in this week's recap.

Email coming soon!

The SNSFs have your back. I hope that Glark/Sars/Wing Chun take notice but, even if they continue to ignore the problems, we'll keep trying to make it as pleasant a place as possible.

Friending you so I can keep up with the progress...

Dude, your User Info...we share a birthday!

Totally wrote in, saying about the same as you, but less eloquently. *g* I don't think I'm going to get a response, either, but at least I tried. I'm linking to this post, if that's okay (if it's not, I'll take down the link).

Feel free to link! The more people who read this, the better!

Thanks for thinking I was eloquent, when I was really just seething with annoyed rage. And yeah, there's nothing we can do but write and hope for the best.

Great letter! I'm sorry you only got a form response, but hopefully if there's enough feedback something positive will happen. I've been toying with writing in, but I just need to take a little bit of time to organize my thoughts in a more concise manner than "omg, the recaps make me hurt behind my eyes!!" I post all the time over there and I just wish that I could read the recaps without feeling like I overdosed on angry pills. Good luck!

Thanks! Feel free to borrow from my letter if that will help you get started.

Angry pills - that's exactly right. She makes me tired.

Hi, there. I got linked here from jennifus, hope that's okay. I had a minor idea with this 'call to action' of sorts. Though it may seem annoying or troublesome, I think it may be more effective if, for those who are writing in, you write to all the head honchos again. Maybe even mention that lack of response from Sars. Because if there are enough people messaging all of them, and nothing seems to be done about it, the other two may look at Sars and push her/him into some sort of action.

Merely my two cents.

That sort of action has - in the past - gotten people banned. They apparently don't mind the odd protest but mass mailings or organized mailings annoy them.

I can kind of see their point. It isn't a public property like the WB. This is their private world and we are the guests.

She neither posts nor steps in when a moderator would be much appreciated.

This is the main reason I don't venture far from the MM. Some of the posters on the other SPN threads (I'm sure you know which ones) give me headaches when I try to read their posts. It's easier to hang out here in LJ or in the MM. You should come join us! We promise we don't bite (unless you want us to). Hee!

Do you mind if I friend you? I'll be checking out your vids and fics.

Friend away! And let me know what you think of the vids and fics!

Yeah, I'm guilty of this too, but the discussion just goes round and round sometimes and there are a few people who keep hitting the same points in every damn post.

I like the idea of the MM, but it just moves too quickly for me!

(Deleted comment)
Really? Maybe she is improving. I'd love to believe it.

I think I got spoiled with the way TWoP handled Veronica Mars; watching the show last season was an unalloyed delight and Couch Baron's recaps were a delightful bonus. This season, I haven't enjoyed the show as much but the recaps are still marvelous. Drunken Bee sucks a lot of the fun out of Supernatural for me, and I resent that. I feel like Demian would GET IT.

I don't post at TWoP much anymore, but I do read a lot of the recaps on a regular basis. The Supernatural recaps are the only ones that truly annoy me. I think if you are going to bash a show, it should atleast be funny. For instance, Omar recaps Smallville, he doesn't always like the show, but he sure does bring the funny when snarking on it. That I can appreciate.

Good luck with this! And thanks for speaking up.

Thanks! Yeah, I think I could handle attitude with humor or love without humor, but she just combines the worst of both. Write in!

Here via the newsletter.
I have stopped reading the recaps, I thought I might be desparate enough this summer to catch up. (It's gonna be a looong three months.)
ITA re:the pilot recap. I hate how Drunken Bee runs her/his little corner of the Internets. I was warned about spelling? But, a certain poster can basically spam a thread with the same idea over & over & over and apparently DB never steps in?
Thanks for speaking up here on LJ.

Yay newsletter!

Don't even bother reading the recaps over the summer - they'll just piss you off. You were spanked for spelling? Whatever.

Write in!

Your E-Mail is very much appreciated. I don't post much on the SPN boards of TwoP but I make a point of reading the Media and the Ratings thread almost daily. I was very much looking forward to the recaps at first, too, but after a while it became clear that Drunken Bee doesn't like the show and can't even be bothered to make her disdain for it funny. If I have to read "Metal teeth chomp" one more time...

Exactly! Why is she even bothering?

Write in!

Oh thank god, I thought I was pretty much alone in this. I mean isn`t there a thread praising the greatness of her recaps ? Whatever.

The first thing that actually came to my mind when I heard of Charmed`s cancellation was: great, now Demian can take over SPN. *g* His pilot recap rocked.

I`m sorry you didn`t really get a satisfying answer. But thanks so much for trying. Really appreciated.

You're not alone, and I severely underestimated the number of people pissed off about this.

I'm pulling so hard for Demian!

If they get enough letters, maybe we'll get our satisfying answer. Write in!

Good for you for emailing them! Drunken Bee is absolutely horrible! Reading her recaps you'd think they tie her to a chair holding her eyes open Clockwork Orange-style and forced her to watch the most awful show on television. She's not funny, she obviously HATES the show and doesn't understand why anyone would like it, and she generally just sucks a whole lot.

I was actually considering writing an email to them too. And I'm not generally an "email and complain" type of person. I don't usually go on the boards (as they're blocked from work--I can read the recaps, but not the boards. Odd.) so I don't really give a shit if they ban me. The recaps are getting out of hand with their complete unfunniness and blind hatred towards the show.

It seems to me, the only thing she likes about the show is Jensen's hotness. And while I enjoy the hotness too, it's nowhere near the only reason to tune in!

Jensen's hotness is an incredible draw, but it's not the only factor that makes the show worthwhile!

I'm really not a write-an-email-be-vocal-with-my-discontent kind of person either, but this is a critical time for the show and TWoP is a name the industry recognizes. Write in!

Awesome e-mail! I love TWOP but am a bit intimidated by its maintainers but its heartening to realise that they are others out there who are less than impressed with the way the show is being recapped.

I confess that I find it extremely unlikely that they will change the recapper although I would kill for Demian to recap it. It's a shame because TWOP is practically my second home but I've found Drunken Bee's recent recaps to be pretty poor. They started out OK but then she irritated me with the Bloody Mary recap when she kept harping on about a non existent predatory vibe suggesting that the boys were acting inappropriately with the chippie of the week and her Something Wicked recap pissed me off beyond belief. It was short, facile and full of cheap, crass paedophile jokes. What I wouldn't give for Jacob to recap this show - he perhaps isn't as snarky as the likes of Demian, Erin or Omar G but at least he understands the elements that are important to the fans. Sadly, I just don't see Drunken Bee going anywhere soon. I'm a huge House fan and the House recapper Sarah M is equally dire - her recaps frequently miss the point, she is utterly absent from the board and she pissed all the House fans off by closing the fanfic thread moving most House fans to LJ in the process.

The problem is that it's a double edged sword - if you quit reading the recaps beacuse Drunken Bee is doing such a lousy job (you know the recap of Dean Man's Blood is going to be painful as she clearly hates John/JDM so the recap is likely to be 9 pages or less) all they will do is pull Supernatural from the site the same way that they pulled ER and CSI when not enough people were reading the recaps. Its just such a shame that they picked up the show and then completely dropped the ball with the choice of recapper.

her Something Wicked recap pissed me off beyond belief. It was short, facile and full of cheap, crass paedophile jokes.

That? Was seriously creepy. At least I thought so. I have no idea where she got that idea, because, yes, there was a second in the episode that had me thinking that if someone would walk in on them and the boy now he/she could get a wrong idea. But that was ONE scene in the episode. But DB kept on harping on that for the rest of the recap. I'm not even sure I read to the end of it.

Its just such a shame that they picked up the show and then completely dropped the ball with the choice of recapper.

The sad thing is, imo they didn't have much interest in the show in the first place. I remember how by the beginning of the last season it was pretty clear that either SPN would be as bad as Smallville and you could make fun of it because of that. Or it would be as good as it turned out to be. Either way, I was absolutely sure TwoP would recap it. It's just such a typical TwoP show. And nothing. They choose Bones, Head Cases and the new Don Johnson show over SPN, for god's sake. I have no idea what's going on there...

Dude, I love you for your optimism, but I have no faith that anything will change. TWoP leadership is stubborn as hell and once they've decided something (including who's recapping show X) they hardly ever change it, and merely ban people who complain. This reminds me of the bad old days when Pamie was recapping Wonderfalls. It was the same story, recapper obviously hated the show and didn't even try to be amusing about it. I complained in the "All Hail Pamie!" thread and got warned for my trouble. Also I seem to recall that when TWoP finally picked up Supernatural and Drunken Bee was announced as recapper, I questioned why her and not Demian and the mods basically told me to mind my own beeswax (pun intended).

The only way I can see it playing out in our favor is if 1) Demian asks for it, and 2) DB gives it up, whether because she hates the show or because of low ratings for her recaps (and I'm defining that as # of readers, though I don't know if TWoP cares about that per se). No matter how big the groundswell of disapproval, TWoP isn't going to take it away from her because that'd be admitting they were wrong in the first place.

But by all means, keep writing! I wouldn't put my forum name in there though because they might well warn or ban you out of spite.

Hee - nice icon!

I put my forum name in on purpose so they would know I wasn't some random crank or troll; I'm a "fanatic" over there - I've been posting consistently for a few years - and I hoped that would give me some credibility in the eyes of the mods.

I will not speak of pamie. No. I refuse.

Even if we can't get DB to shape up or Demian as our friendly neighborhood recapper, at least our efforts will be giving Supernatural some attention. Write in!


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