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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Supernatural drabbles
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Yoinked from ignipes:

First 10 people to request a drabble (X-Files, Buffy, Firefly, Veronica Mars, Supernatural) with a prompt (vague or specific) will get one. It would be more than awesome if you'd write one too.

ignipes asked for Firefly with a prompt of chickens, explosives - Nandi answered her call.

And I asked for Supernatural, Dean when his voice is changing and this is the beauty with which she gifted me.

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Oooh. Supernatural: Sam's favorite memory from a birthday.

You can hit me back if you like. ♥.

Given our earlier conversation, I'd have to say Dean, the first time he hears someone say something about that luscious mouth of his.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle was just getting good when Dean came over and kicked his foot. "Outside," Dean said, leading the way to the park. They went hand-over-hand on the monkeybars and when he finally dropped, Dean just said, "Time to go."

The minute he unlocked the door, Dean got him in a headlock and marched him to the bathroom. "Shower."

When he emerged, he saw it, huge and pink, on the kitchen table. A cake with a candle.

Two empty tubs of strawberry icing lay in the trash. Dean's allergic to strawberries. "Dad will call tonight," Dean promised.

Supernatural, please. I gave these prompts to someone else once and loved the result, so: indigo, blizzard, pine.

On it!

I should have said that I'd write Denny for you, but that might have just ended up being "Dennnyyyyyyyyy" a hundred times, so this is better.

Since Jessica, Sam only sleeps in fits and starts, but heavily, his mouth hanging open. Curled up beside him under this itchy indigo blanket, Dean remembers breathing in his baby brother’s milky smell, savoring it, but that’s long gone and now Sam bears the wintry spice of pine needles on his skin. It’s only because of the blizzard, Dean knows, and the strange workings of his mind. If they were somewhere sunny, he’d smell saltwater on Sam, an imaginary day at the beach, bright and playful, and it hurts to know Sam only remembers the scent of long blonde hair.

Supernatural, gen: keys, newspaper, remedy.

Feel free to hit me up, too. *mwah*

Yay! Hmmm . . . John and the Impala.

He lost the tooth at the amusement park, during the second-grade field trip. He lost his keys to the apartment too, on some roller-coaster, and Dean cut school the next day to get his set copied.

There’d been a class photo taken that day, all of them grinning ear-to-ear; the local newspaper printed it in the eternal absence of real news. Dean clipped it and stuck it on the fridge and Sam ran wondering, blackening fingers over it while Dad pushed aside Dean’s math and grammar workbooks to quiz him on remedies for a werewolf’s bite and a succubus’s kiss.

Ah what a brilliant idea and what lovely drabbles you've written.

Okay Dean or Sam's first taste of alcohol

I was going to request Veronica Mars because I've not read anything in that fandom, just to be contrary, but I couldn't think of anything! Lol.

Happy to write something back.

hmmm . . . Sam's the driver (and we all know driver picks the music).

I wrote a Veronica Mars fic once upon a time. It's season 1, so no spoilers. http://innie-darling.livejournal.com/666.html

Just because you knew you had a tendency to overthink things didn’t mean you could keep yourself from doing it. Just because you’d been the star of every debate team you joined didn’t mean your best opponent wasn’t always going to be yourself.

"I’m an adult," you say out loud, convincing exactly nobody. "It’s just alcohol." Just a beer, not arsenic, hemlock, or absinthe. You’d find it easier to talk yourself into taking poison, philosopher’s death, or madness; if you do this, you’ll be saying you’re grown up, that you don’t need Dean watching over you.

You drink. You choke.

Hi, you don't know me very well, but we both post(ed) on TWOP, and I read your awesome RemoveTheBee letter, and well, you rock. Sorry for the random friendage.

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