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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Whee! My Dean vid (the prettiest vid I've ever made, without a doubt) won "Best Action" vid!

vid award

If only I could get a vidding program to work on my computer once more, I'd be burning through that vid list I made like nobody's business.

I'm sharing some clips, and they're dedicated to two girls. The Alec clips are for janissa11, who wrapped up her story (one of her stories, I should say) with alacrity and grace. Four chapters in two days, people; that's proof that she loves us.

Alec's very first kiss.

Clearly, the boy is a fast learner.

He's all bruised.

Yeah, um, glasses.

And the Dean clip is for pheebs1, who asked to be reminded why certain Deangirls were staying strong despite the towel and the chest and the pec flex. And because she wrote me the fic I'd asked for a few months ago.

He cannot accept Sammy's consolation.

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Congratulations!!! I soooo wish I had the first clue how to make vids. It is a mystery to me, but wow. LOVE.

And HOLY HOT TAMALES, are those awesome clips. ::picks up sagging jaw:: If he were any prettier, I honestly believe I would just have an aneurysm right where I sit. It's like, the pretty drives me INSANE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, how is it possible for anyone to be that BEAUTIFUL??

*ahem* *pats hair* Well, and you know something? Boy can act, too. And I'm ashamed to say, I see someone that pretty (Okay, yes, I too sense a monotonous refraint here on my part, but -- pretty!), and I think, it will be embarrassing, they will suck like a Hoover. And he flat-out doesn't suck. Not even close. (The word "suck" is rapidly taking on unfortunately naughty connotations tonight. Note to self: "Pretty" and "suck" in combination are volatile and should be used judiciously. But often.)

Did I mention the pretty? Oh. Well, okay then. Just making sure. You know, anal-retentive and all that.

I...think there's another word I shouldn't use in conjunction with pretty and suck. ::facepalm::

I'm leaving before I manage to embarrass myself even MORE. But thank you -- I'm going to go, um, study his technique a bit more now. With that glass. And the biting of the lip. That...luscious, sullen, sulky, lickable, BITEABLE, SUCKABLE --



Oh, I totally know where you're coming from. He's just lovely and the discomfort he seems to have about trading on it just makes him even more appealing. He works when he doesn't have to. I like that.

And yeah, that bar scene is amazing. That scene alone should have made him a household name.

Downloading the first two clips, because Jensen in any incarnation = &hearts like whoa. :)

Take whatever you like, my dear! They're all Jensen!

yay! and congrats!!
it was a radical vid!

Aww, thanks!

Have you watched Veronica Mars yet? I rented Boondock Saints and had a blast watching it, but the DVD was damaged and wouldn't play one scene (when they're getting out of jail for the first time). So I need to try to get hold of another copy. Much as I liked the film, my favorite bit was the deleted scene of the phone call from their mom - that was too hilarious.

Please allow me to mail you BDS!!!!! I have a shiny DVD burned and everything. missyerable@yahoo.com

I really need to watch VM :(
I dont know when it's on....

Aw congrats on the award, well deserved! It's an excellent vid. I'm sorry your computer vidding program isn't playing ball at the minute.

And the fic twas my pleasure, and aw Dean. That was a great moment. Jensen rocks that scene. Makes me all teary eyed, thanks for that!

(And as it took me nearly half an hour on my very slow dial up to get that one, I won't click the Alec links - but I can safely say guh and melt and dies slowly at the pretty, because it's Alec!)

Ta, baby!

The Alec links are (1) the first kiss (in the pool), (2) the kissing in the study scene, (3) the bar scene where Max is "sympathetic," and (4) the scene where Berrisford is writing him his last check.

I am going to miss Supernatural tomorrow! Stupid real life! Will set the VCR and pray my stupidity chooses not to rear its ugly head while I am doing so.

And yeah, your fic was exactly what I wanted.

Ah to the Alec links, they sound great clips!

Silly RL makes you miss SN? How careless of it. Fingers crossed the VCR plays ball.

Think of it this way, I'm always late to the party. I have to be very strong and avoid the internet til I've viewed ;)! Thank goodness my friend was able to help me view Something Wicked. I'm without tv until May (silly, silly, installation companies).

Aw glad you liked. Thanks for the beta. And because no tv = I write a lot apparently, I might be getting on with another one soon to pester you for a beta for if that's ok.

Silly rabbit, you don't have to ask. I will always beta for you.

At least the real life reason is a happy one. I may do a locked post about my life pretty soon. With pictures!

Ok now I'm really curious. A happy night out? Lovely!

And Pics? Do, do so!

Congratulations, lovely. ♥.

Congrats on the award Kunju! I really enjoyed the vid as well. I love Muse tremendously & their version of the song 'Feeling Good' is fantastic. Great choice of song for a vid about my favorite boy!! Thanks for sharing it. xx

Oh, thank you so much!

So much pretty in one little vid.

Congrats on the award! I finally figured out how to download your video, (I am kind of a dummeh today) -- and it's wonderful! Your award is well-deserved. I hope you don't mind, but I saved it to my hard drive, so I can play it over and over... mmmmmDean...

Not at all, baby!

I've made several Veronica Mars vids too, and the links are somewhere on my lj; just nudge me if the links need updating.

Glad you enjoyed, and thanks again for the wonderful fic - it went straight into my memories!

Awesome! I'm gonna hunt around for the VM vids, now that I know how to watch them.

thanks again for the wonderful fic

You're welcome -- and judging by the comments I'm getting, you and I have succeeded in persuading several VM fans to check out Supernatural. Kripke should give us a kickback. :-D

I'd like to be paid in ackleses, then.

I wrote two Supernatural fics myself, both gen, neither cracktastic: "Vocabulary" and "Think It Through".

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