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Whee! My Dean vid (the prettiest vid I've ever made, without a doubt) won "Best Action" vid!

vid award

If only I could get a vidding program to work on my computer once more, I'd be burning through that vid list I made like nobody's business.

I'm sharing some clips, and they're dedicated to two girls. The Alec clips are for janissa11, who wrapped up her story (one of her stories, I should say) with alacrity and grace. Four chapters in two days, people; that's proof that she loves us.

Alec's very first kiss.

Clearly, the boy is a fast learner.

He's all bruised.

Yeah, um, glasses.

And the Dean clip is for pheebs1, who asked to be reminded why certain Deangirls were staying strong despite the towel and the chest and the pec flex. And because she wrote me the fic I'd asked for a few months ago.

He cannot accept Sammy's consolation.
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