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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Manly men with boyish charm
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So my WMM works exactly enough to chop up files but not to actually edit them. Joyous. Here are some nummy treats to brighten up the no-longer-magical-day, Tuesday:

All (or rather, both) of JDM's scenes from his fifth ep of GA. (Clips from previous eps are somewhere on my journal.)

From our beloved "Hell House": Dean sings! Dean air-drums! Dean steals my very heart!

My all-Dean, all-the-time vid because I love it so (and do the fist bump every time I watch it).

A quick look at Alec the pianist. Hot damn.

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*sooooo wants those links to stay good until she gets off work*

*crosses fingers*

That's why I used Mega Upload (EVIL!) rather than YSI, so that the links would stay good for longer, baby!

Longer linkage! Yay! (Since I don't get off work until 2300.... *frown*)

Okay, it's finally over, and SQUEEEEE! Because I never saw a minute of Dark Angel, and I, ah, have a thing for pretty boys playing the piano. Like, MAJOR-ASS FETISH TIME.

*ahem* *delicate flutter* I'll be in my bunk.

I have a thing for a lot of things Jensen does, I'm finding.

That ep has lots more good stuff. Like him in glasses, him having his first kiss, him drowning his sorrows. Sometime next week I'll try to cut those clips for you.

Holy crap, you rock. *SQUEEEEE*

You know, he fakes playing the piano VERY well. Barring a couple of continuity things -- not his fault -- I could really buy it. (Sorry, piano/voice major. *g*)

Now see? One of these days, I'm going to find the perfect avenue for a piano bunny. And now that I've seen JA playing the air piano so convincingly, it's...so damn tempting. Hmmmm....



i mean, uh. HI!

look how he ducks his head all shy! "smells like Izzie" AWWWW.



seriously. it's a little ridiculous.

It's so easy to fangirl him, especially after JDM said that Denny was the kind of guy he aspired to be.

There is no place for shame in fandom. SQUEE!

i honestly don't know who i love more: jdm or denny.


(Deleted comment)
Yum indeed. The flexy bicep and the delicate fingers in the flashback - oh, yes.

And thanks for the vid feedback! Sad to say, I do watch it over and over with a big dorky grin on my face.

However, I stand firm in my hatred of Jim Morrison.

(Deleted comment)
Zomg, the Hell House clip! I think I'm dead XD Thank you!

It's the cleverest way ever of killing people. The law can't touch me!

Ah I hate dialup. Had to give up on these with my slow logging me off every two minutes dial up this morning. (Why does it do that). Will try again. If not, expect a message from me around, ooh, hell freezing over (otherwise known as, broadband gets reconnected), going 'are these links still good'?

I'm sure JDM looks cute smelling that jumper. And Dean singing. I already have Alec playing the piano thank goodness

Hi babe. I will be emailing you later this morning. MU links tend to stay good for quite some time, so hopefully they'll work when you need them. If they don't, just nudge me.

Dean singing is a thing of beauty. He does it with such gusto.

Yay to links staying working and look forward to your email.

Dean singing. Cannot wait. The birds will sing, the world will be a sunnier brighter place ;)

Alec the pianist steals my heart Every. Single. Time I watch that episode. He needs to be behind a piano more.

I snagged yout all-Dean, all-the-time video!

He totally does. And he needs to play Bach.

Ooh, let me know what you think of the vid.

Ooo yes, Bach is a must! and Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'. Mmmmm...

The vid is great! Will totally be watching this over and over again!

This is incredibly cheeky of me...I stumbled onto your LJ from the supernatural newsletter...but I can't donwload any of the videos because MegaUpload won't accept my computer because I'm on a LAN, so I have a multiple IP....
So I ask, if there is any chance that you could YSI the alec playing piano clip? I've never seen it, and I've heard so much about it. Thank you so much if you can! :)

Cheeky monkeys always welcome around here.

Here's the thing. One of these is the Alec vid and the other is my Dean vid and I don't know which is which, but they are both YSI:

door number one

door number 2

Thank you!

yours, cheeky monkey xxx

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