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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

03:05 pm: Fork That Clown Nook (The Good Place, Eleanor + Chidi)
03:53 pm: Eating a Peach (Push: Nick/Cassie, explicit)
04:09 pm: Sail Upon the Land (Six of Crows: Nina+Inej, Inej/Kaz)
04:39 pm: The Optics of These Eyes Behold Felicity (Captive Prince: Damen/Laurent)  2 comments
05:08 pm: And Whether Pigs Have Wings [1 of 2] (Selfie: Charmonique+Henry, Henry/Eliza)
05:39 pm: And Whether Pigs Have Wings [2 OF 2] (Selfie: Charmonique+Henry, Henry/Eliza)