December 31st, 2016

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Yuletide recs!

"The time has come," the Walrus said, / "To talk of many things." Well, I AM THE WALRUS and I want to talk about Yuletide and this hellish year finally ending!

I received a beautiful story as my gift (you'll see it below) and wrote five stories in five fandoms, totalling 24,717 words. Two of the four treats were for friends I've written for before, though neither seems to suspect, which is making me very smug right now. If you have any last-minute guesses about what I wrote, speak now and get a drabble or something for any direct hits!

I'm really liking this longer Yuletide schedule - not only did we get a lot more long stories, but I even had the time to get through not only the main 2016 collection but also the madness collection as well. Whee! Recs below!

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So, as the last hours of 2016 slip by, does anyone have something good to share? I've got three things - all of these wonderful stories, the fact that I saw so much amazing theater [I owe reviews for the whole year and I promise to get that done soonish], and that my best friend had a baby at the beginning of the year who is a wonder and a delight and my hope for the future.

Happy reading and happy new year!

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