October 9th, 2016

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Yuletide letter, whoo-hoo!

Hey, gorgeous!

Let me say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share! Above all, if you have a good time writing the story, that will shine through, and I guarantee that I'll enjoy it too.

I'm fairly catholic in my tastes; I read all of the following: gen, het, slash, humor, horror, angst, character-driven pieces, plotty pieces, AUs, canon-compliant fics, and more. I swoon for humor. I'm impressed by world-building, and I love seeing those little details that tell me you've thought about the realities of the place you're depicting. I adore quietly sorrowful stories. I quite enjoy romance and smut.

I'm okay with crossovers but don't go out of my way to read them, particularly for Yuletide. One thing I don't like is the fannish tendency to pair the same actors up in a number of universes - like writing Chris Evans or Anthony Mackie (or characters they play) into a 'verse that includes Sebastian Stan (in this case, his character Jack Benjamin); I'd far prefer an OC.

I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, infidelity, dub-con, non-con, humiliation, power-play, or polyamory, please. I'm also not really a fan of holiday-themed stories, particularly since I don't celebrate any holiday occurring on the same timeline as Yuletide.

(I tend to do a lot of clickety-clicking once I have my assignment, but in case you'd rather just have a couple of straightforward links, here is my master fic list (stories are listed in the order in which I wrote them within each fandom) and here I am on AO3 under the name innie. I don't have a tumblr or twitter - I'm just on lj, dw, and AO3.)

Now on to the details, since I think I'm more likely to get a story that hits all of my buttons if I tell you what my buttons are for these fandoms. I would be deliriously happy with a fic for any of these requests!

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Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you write for me - happy writing!

All the best,

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