January 1st, 2016

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Lurcona (The Nanny with some Buffy thrown in, Gen, PG)

Hi, everybody! Happy New Year!

I've eaten my black-eyed peas (which took forever to make, since I couldn't get the pressure cooker to shut), baked some eggless cranberry-almond-orange loaf, shelled and eaten two lovely pomegranates, made a good start on reorganizing my kitchen, and caught up with a few friends over texts, emails, and phone calls. And so now it is time to talk about Yuletide.

I received a smart and sharp gift in the Kings fandom:
Summoned (1092 words) by faithful4you
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kings (TV 2009)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jack Benjamin

Post-"The New King". Jack is summoned.

I would still like to write my own Jack-centric fic one of these days, but there are several epics in my head that have not yet made it to my laptop, so we'll have to see.

And I wrote four fics for Yuletide this year - only one for my matched recipient, since it was the only fandom of hers that I knew. She asked for Niles from The Nanny, and I'd often thought, idly, that it would be fun to introduce Niles and C.C. to BtVS, as sort of off-verse versions of Giles and Buffy (prompted by a demon masquerading as Sylvia Fine). And I finally got a chance to write it! It didn't come out nearly as riotous or hilarious as it was in my head, and the undercurrent of Niles's dissatisfaction with his life and Mr. Sheffield in particular surprised me, but my recipient seems to like it, and some other people said nice things too.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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The Invention (Rebel Belles, PG-13, Harper/David, Harper & Bee, Harper/Ryan)

Taking a step back to the first thing I wrote for this year's Yuletide, here's a tiny fic for a very charming book series called Rebel Belle, by Rachel Hawkins. The first two books are out, and they're a fun and very fast read - you should be able to get through both in a few hours. The main character, Harper, is a pop-culture aware Southern belle who gains a superpower and a destiny due to an unexpected encounter. (It should also be noted that I have yet to break my habit of writing fic for blithers, with whom I co-wrote a beast of a fic this year.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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You Say Potato, I Say Tuber (The Martian, Beck/Watney with bonus Martinez, PG-13)

There were a lot of requests for The Martian this year, and I'd read the book a year or two ago, read the great Bucky/Steve fic based on it, and saw the movie opening night, so I thought I could play in the fandom (I did a bit of book/movie melding). So many of the letters (including blue_eyed's) requested Beck/Watney, and while I don't particularly ship them devotedly myself, it's also hard to argue with people who very astutely ask how it is possible to keep from shipping a Sebastian Stan character with his leading man; that is clearly a task for a better woman than I. So. Here we are. (Oh! I nearly forgot - I got the line about Johanssen's size from the terrible movie Strictly Business.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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GoldTooth Designs (What's Your Number?, Ally/Colin, R)

And, finally, I wanted to write a fic for a friend. I met minim_calibre back in Supernatural fandom, where she was indispensable, and then earlier this year, she did me the tremendous favor of betaing my Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson fic for a different challenge. Her Yuletide letter listed four fandoms we share, and I ended up writing fic for a very silly movie for her, because it is my laundry-folding movie too. (I have become a person who has now written two fics for What's Your Number?, the movie best known for the length of time that Chris Evans is naked in it. How is this my life?) Anyway, Min seemed to like the fic, which is all I was hoping for.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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2015 writing round-up

Hi again, everybody!

As I've done the past two years, I thought I'd do a round-up of what I've written in 2015. Here goes!

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no posts posted - I clearly need the Porn Battle to be fannishly active!
Let Me Show You, Baby, I'm a Talented Boy - The Losers: Cougar/Jensen
Everything Looks Beautiful (When You're Young and Pretty) - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny (parts one and two of six)
By Sunlight, By Candlelight - The Musketeers: Athos/Aramis, Athos/Porthos, Porthos/Aramis
no stories posted
You've Got the Butterflies All Tied Up - The Losers: Cougar/Jensen
By Starlight, By Firelight - The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis
In Daylight, In Darkness - The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis, unrequited Porthos/Athos
A Long Way from Here to Regret - Playing It Cool: Me/Her, Me & Mallory
Floaters - Captain America: Steve/Bucky (birthday)
Between Their Loved Homes and the War's Desolation - Captain America: Steve/Sam (Not Prime Time)
no stories posted
no stories posted
Magnets - Captain America: Steve/Bucky (birthday)
Everything Looks Beautiful (When You're Young and Pretty) - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny (part six of six)
no stories posted
Lurcona - The Nanny: Niles gen (Yuletide)
The Invention - Rebel Belles: Harper/David, Harper & Bee, Harper/Ryan (Yuletide)
You Say Potato, I Say Tuber - The Martian: Beck/Watney with bonus Martinez (Yuletide)
GoldTooth Designs - What's Your Number?: Ally/Colin (Yuletide)

I don't know that I'd call myself particularly productive this year - I know that I ventured out into some new territory, but all I can see are the WiPs that are languishing on my hard drive; I've got long fics for Sherlock (that one I was writing in 221Bs), Selfie (the college internship AU), Kings (my take on what happens next for Jack - this is the role for which I first came to admire Sebastian Stan), and Captain America (my Steve/Bucky fanon) to write, polish, and post. I do like that I started writing fic for The Losers, which I'd like to do more of. I very much enjoyed my foray (one trilogy's worth) into The Musketeers, but don't think I'll go back to it unless the next series does something particularly compelling. I'm very glad I got to write a few Yuletide fics and that my productivity increased as the year went on. One thing I tried this year that I hadn't before and probably won't again: co-writing. My co-author, blithers, was lovely and productive, and we had a phenomenal beta, ghostcat3000, but a few other people dropped out of the project without a word, which meant that b and I were left scrambling and our readers were left in the lurch (this is why I usually don't post works in progress). We ended up cutting one entire year from our high school AU, which weakened the story considerably, though I think we made a good comeback in terms of having to write senior year from scratch.

And now I'm done with the navel-gazing. May 2016 be amazing for all of us!

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