December 31st, 2015

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Theater round-up (end of 2015)

Hi, everybody!

I decided to take a wee break from gorging on Yuletide fics (so gorgeous! so many!) to post about all the live performances I saw in the second half of 2015. (You can find all my posts in this vein by clicking the "theater" tag, if you're curious.)

The Audience: Collapse ) 6/10

Skylight: Collapse ) 7.5/10

On the Town: Collapse ) 4.5/10

The Qualms: Collapse ) 7.5/10

Little Shop of Horrors: Collapse ) 9.25/10

Everyman: Collapse ) 4/10

The Wild Party: Collapse ) 9/10

Whorl Inside a Loop: Collapse ) 9/10

The Black Book: Collapse ) 7/10

Hand to God: Collapse ) 6.5/10

Old Times: Collapse ) 3/10

Spring Awakening: Collapse ) 9/10

Seven Guitars: Collapse ) 7.5/10

Fool for Love: Collapse ) 8.5/10

The Flick: Collapse ) 8.5/10

The King and I: Collapse ) 8/10

Henry IV: Collapse ) 9/10

Hell's Belles: Collapse ) 3/10

The Pillowman: Collapse ) 6/10

Russia's Jewish Composers: Collapse )

Arcadia: Collapse ) 9/10

These Paper Bullets!: Collapse ) 4/10

Fiddler on the Roof: Collapse ) 8/10

The Humans: Collapse ) 9/10

The Changeling: Collapse ) 6.75/10

And that's it for 2015! I have a ticket for A View from the Bridge and I'd like to see The Color Purple and Marjorie Prime and In the Heights and The Robber Bridegroom. I'm not sure about Noises Off!, though the cast is excellent. I might see A Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson as Blanche (which I already saw in London) when it comes to Brooklyn. I'll look for reviews before booking tickets for Romeo and Juliet, The Royale, and The School for Scandal. I'll be seeing Hamilton with my brother in April and She Loves Me with a friend, most likely in March.

What are you guys up to? Let me know if I'm missing something I should absolutely see.

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