August 2nd, 2015

sari, heavy-lidded

a burst of good news

Hi, everybody!

There's been a lot of bad news going around, so I thought I'd share the one piece of purely good news I've heard recently: my BFF and his wife are expecting their first baby, sometime in January! eee, I'm going to be an auntie! (Some of you might remember that I have nieces and nephews [my cousin's kids] and a godson already, but this is going to be the first homegrown geographically-close baby I'll have, and anyway my BFF is the greatest guy ever, so the kid is already ahead of the curve.)

They also popped my Staten Island cherry last night - we took the ferry to the SI Yankees game, which was a good game and we were close enough that the crack of the bat (what a satisfying sound!) was absolutely clear, but the whole experience pales in comparison with going to a Cyclones game (go BROOKLYN).

In other news, I've got two works in progress (a Sherlock one and a Selfie one), but am not super motivated to finish either one. All that I want to write is Steve Rogers, Tragic Sexass. (I'm basically walking around doing the STEVE HOLT! arms and saying STEVE ROGERS!) I have a cracky little idea for Steve/Bucky and a much longer, more serious one that's S/B with Nat and Sam being excellent bros. I just don't want to stop reading in order to write, which is kind of a problem. So hit me up with recs or inspiration or just pop in and let me know how you're doing - I miss talking to you guys.

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