April 18th, 2015

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Hi, everybody!

It's the first really gorgeous day of the year here in New York, at least the first one on which we can trust that tomorrow won't be a thirty-degree-colder mockery of today. It's nice! The windows are all open and my neighborhood seems to have come alive.

I spent the early part of the month visiting my dad in DC, though the cherry blossoms had not blossomed. But we walked around DC and I got to eat at my favorite place in DC, where we had an amazing meal, and I took him to this fascinating exhibition; he's not really a museum person, not being into art, but he's an engineer and enough of a nerd to enjoy this.

Last weekend, my mom came for a visit, and as we do every year, we went to the New York Botanical Garden's orchid show. Collapse )

And we had an early dinner, ravenous and footsore as we were, and went to see the play Rhinoceros. While the production wasn't bad, it wasn't especially engaging either (that's a tough ask of an absurdist play), and we left at intermission. Once we got back to my place, we watched an episode of The Musketeers (the one where Porthos is convicted of murder) and I totally forgot that my mom, having never seen an ep of the show before, would take all of my mutterings as gospel. "Oh, you're so dumb," I said with a sigh as Athos, Aramis, and d'Artagnan blustered into the Court of Miracles without an iota of subtlety. "Why is Porthos the only one of you with a brain?" So she said, very seriously, frowning in concentration as she finished my ice cream, "Are they all really stupid?" "YES," I assured her. And my face did that involuntary thing it does - whenever Howard Charles smiles, I smile back at him - and she took eye-rolling note of that too.

There's other TV to discuss too! I adored the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, from its insanely catchy theme song to Titus to Kimmy herself, who's been tested and tried and still came up smiling. She is one of my favorite characters of the year. I'm having a great time watching Younger, because Sutton Foster is compulsively watchable. The show itself is better than it needs to be, but not absolutely great, if that makes sense? I like but am not in love with iZombie - I can't stand Blaine and tune out every time the bad guys are on. But Liv herself is lots of fun (the adopting personalities thing is a riot, and distances the show from Pushing Daisies quite neatly), I like Major and Peyton though they need more to do, I like Babineaux ("Cagney and Pasty" made me laugh for a minute straight), and I adore Ravi (though I WISH the show let the characters pronounce his name properly! It's RUH-vee, not RAAH-vee, and that stands even if he's from the UK). The show as a whole is not nearly as engaging for me as Veronica Mars was, and while I can see the similarities, there's no way this show doesn't come a distant second in every comparison. Oh, and Orphan Black returns tonight! Whoot!

Boy, you'd think I have nothing to write with all that TV-watching going on, wouldn't you? And yet, I need to finish a second Musketeers fic, a sequel to my Losers fic, my Selfie AU [I've got nearly 10K so far!], and my Sherlock fic that replaces S3. And also contribute to the ongoing TMP fic I'm cowriting, most of which is already drafted, thank goodness.

So that's what's shaking with me. How about you?

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