October 18th, 2014

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Speak Low (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Jack/Rosie, Jack/Phryne, Jack+Tabby; Mature) (1 of 3)

Happy birthday, tenaciousmetoo!

I wrote a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries story for our birthday, and then a few people - namely ijemanja and blithers - demonstrated for the umpteenth time how awesome fandom can be and helped me out by betaing this beast. This is Jack's story, told through his interactions with and memories of three women: his sister Tabby [made up by me and in my head she's played by a brown-eyed Yvonne Strahovski], Rosie, and Phryne. The Phryne parts are in chronological order and the rest skip around in time as Jack's memories dictate. The first case mentioned is the Rene Dubois case (1x07), and the last is the Sanderson and Fletcher case (2x12). I could not get the timing of the Christmas special (2x13) to work for the story, so I ignored it entirely. This fic uses canon from the show only, not the books as well.

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