September 18th, 2014

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Plaid, Extra-Small (New Girl - girl!Nick/Jess, Winston/Cece - Teen - fic for Sitcomathon 2014!)

Hi, everybody!

I participated in a very fun challenge earlier in the summer, run by some of the best people I know: Sitcomathon 2014! I received two fantastic stories by the amazing fearlessfan, who clearly went above and beyond - Three Weddings (The Mindy Project, Danny/Mindy) and one for my lost little show, Enlisted, Derrick's Birthday. I haven't read any of the fics for the challenge other than these two, but if they're any indication, the quality of the stories is ridiculously high, and you will have a great time meandering through the collection.

I got assigned one of the rockstar mods, my friend blithers, who wanted a New Girl AU featuring girl!Nick, played by Anna Kendrick. I'd honestly never thought of sex-swapping Nick, who seems like a dummy in a very particularly male way, but once the idea took hold, I got going, and ended up with a story blithers seemed to like. So here it is, featuring not just girl!Nick/Jess, but also promiscuous Schmidt and Winston/Cece. Rated PG-13/Teen. Kyra did a lovely beta on this for me.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think!

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