June 11th, 2014

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Friends at First Sight (TMP [Powerball AU]: Danny/Mindy, R) 1/2

Hi, everybody!

As noted in my previous post, I spent some of my necessary down-time in Sicily writing, and this story was my main focus. I'd had an idea for an AU of The Mindy Project, in which nobody's a doctor and Mindy was a small-town girl who won the Powerball and stormed Manhattan, recruiting Danny to be her chauffeur and bodyguard and general dogsbody, and they'd have a snarky, hatesexy relationship. But when I started writing, it came out all achy and romantic instead, with both of them being people damaged by tragedy or betrayal. I decided, with the help of my trusty and trustworthy beta blithers to just keep going and write the original story later. So here's the first Powerball AU story, "Friends at First Sight" (Danny/Mindy, R) - it's broken into two parts simply due to length.

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On to part two!

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