February 13th, 2014

best friends

not quite the love they meant

Okay, so by my clock it's very nearly Valentine's Day, and I've gotten so much love from my flist through the years that I thought it would be fun to share that by playing a few games.

The first (the serious one): spread your love! Rec something - fannish or not - that you think other people you know might enjoy! I'll go first, with one from each column.
Non-fannishly, I'm reccing ALL THE BOOKS by Frances Hardinge, an English author who I think deserves to be a household name. Her books tend to have fairly young tween and teen protagonists, and so there isn't a lot of romance or sex. What the books do have is a multicultural, political intelligence, and the worlds she draws are fascinating and complex - places you want to explore for far longer than the books take to read, though the books are rewardingly long. I especially loved the two-book series (possibly more!) Fly By Night and Fly Trap (Twilight Robbery in the UK) and the stand-alone book The Lost Conspiracy (Gullstruck Island in the UK). I'm saving her most recently published book, Face Like Glass, as a treat for myself.
Fannishly, have you SEEN this vid that posits that Mr. Collins is superfly? If you're anything like me, you will be incoherently giggling for hours after watching this.

And the second one (the not-so-serious one): tell us a story about the worst or silliest romantic (or attempted romantic) moment you've had! Brace yourself my story. About a year ago, I was in a chain takeout place, waiting for the guy at the pasta bar to finish making my lunch. As I'm standing there, and he's mixing peas, mushrooms, and onions into my penne with red sauce, he looks up at me and says, "You have bedroom eyes." Which I wasn't expecting, and it's a little inappropriate, but still a manageable encounter. And then he says, "Bedroom eyes, just like my mom." WHAT? I thanked him for the pasta and left, vowing never to return.

So, come on - share your recs and stories, and let's all have a great time sharing some love!

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