February 11th, 2014

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"Boyish" (Porn Battle: Little Women - Laurie/John, Jo/Laurie)

As I said over at the Porn Battle, I don't exactly know what happened here - I meant to write proper Jo/Laurie porn, and instead got a character study of Laurie's preference for boyishness, manifesting itself in an infatuation with John Brooke and then love for Jo. The whole thing confuses me, and I'd still like to write the Jo/Laurie running-away-to-DC fic I've wanted since I first read the book as a wee one. Prompts used: proposal, privacy, "I love you", gentle, first love, sneak out, outdoors, second chances, riverbank. No warnings apply. Also, this is not the PB entry I thought I'd finish tonight.</i>

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