January 21st, 2014

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quickie post (Sherlock, Rafa, writing, Porn Battle, SNOW)

Hi, everybody!

I'm home early (got back about an hour ago) from work because of the snow, and plan to sit tight and work from home tomorrow. I took three different subways home to minimize sidewalk time, and had the last train just sit at the station for several minutes, as some of the doors wouldn't shut due to ice. So that was fun.

If you've seen all of series 3 of Sherlock, there's quite a good discussion going on about it in one of my earlier posts. I did watch the PBS airing of the first ep - does anyone know if the special they showed afterward is part of the special features on the DVD, or if the DVD includes the mini-ep?

I've been meaning to post something about Rafael Nadal's chances at the Australian Open, but haven't wanted to jinx him. Given this morning's momentous knockouts, though, I thought this might be the time. I so want him to have the Career Slam twice over, and to start to put together a calendar-year Grand Slam! Fingers crossed for him, please?

As my pic for [profile] picfor1000 has a winter theme, it might be a good idea for me to knock it out while the snow is keeping me at home. 1000 words should be doable, right?

Hey, look what's up: a call for Porn Battle prompts! Just make [personal profile] oxoniensis's life easier and follow the rules about how to leave prompts, please.

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How are you all doing?

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