January 1st, 2014

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"Totally Nectar" (New Girl: Cece/Schmidt, Jess/Nick, Winston; AU; PG-13)

Hi, everybody!

Happy new year!

This was my original Yuletide assignment, and faviconcashewdani had a fantastic request: Somehow, Cece still hasn't found out about Schmidt's proposal. And she should. The fact that no one knows about how Schmidt bought Cece that skywriting proposal ruins me every time the thought crosses my mind. I can imagine him finally owning up about it to Nick, who then of course tells Jess, who has to tell Cece. The problem, of course, was figuring out how to tell this story without ignoring all of seasons 2 and 3. After a long time and a HUGE assist from my incredible beta faviconblithers - who did covert-ops stuff, did a line-edit, provided the "completioning" line, and did a second read - I finally realized I could use some of the stuff from later episodes but have the story go AU after season 1. (That also had the added benefit of being able to write Jess/Nick as a potential couple rather than an established one, which helped balance the story, I think.)

So here's my official Yuletide 2013 story. Cece/Schmidt, Jess/Nick, Winston. It's PG-13 and goes AU after "See Ya" (the season 1 finale). The Time That Schmidt Proposed to Cece Without Anyone Being Aware of This Momentous Event - break it down and here's what happened next.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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"Doilies All the Way Down" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy/Jake, ensemble; R)

And because faviconblithers had been such an amazing beta and sounding board for my Yuletide assignment, I wanted to write her something too. I took a look at her letter and found this request, which called to me: I'd love a story pairing Jake up with either Amy or Rosa, and trope-y detective stuff would be AMAZING here: A management assigned team building retreat. Pretending to be dating/married for a case, and making out to avoid getting caught. Trapped together in close quarters. Alternately, I'd also love a story exploring the dynamic between Jake and Holt, which I think has been one of the best parts of the show so far. I'm less interested in pairing the two of them in a relationship (I love that Captain Holt appears to be happily married!) but very much interested in how the two of them bounce off each other - undercover on a case and driving each other crazy, going drinking together, you name it. Again, trope-y is amazing for this one.

I got a huge assist from faviconhtbthomas on this one, and it was great to work with her (my sitcom-fandom buddy!) again. (Also, she pointed out that Jake must be a Community fan, given one of his lines in this fic.) So here's my B99 fic: rated R for Amy/Jake sexytimes but including the whole ensemble. The summary is: Amy wins the bet. Jake pays up. (Apologies for the slur - Jake uses the word "lame" as a synonym for "terrible" at one point, as he does on the show.) (Also, yes, Jake's car is named for the gorgeous woman in the Dolly Parton song, which is entirely amazing in its own right, but I was picturing the car Officer Tom Hanson drove in the original 21 Jump Street. And, finally, the blue car cover was taken directly from season one of Veronica Mars.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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"Like honey dripping to a waiting mouth" (Goblin Market: Laura+Lizzie, goblin men; R)

I also wanted to try to write something entirely different for this Yuletide, and considered a number of song and painting fandoms before suddenly seeing "Goblin Market" on the spreadsheet. I completely love the poem, and wrote about it in my dissertation, and thought it would be rewarding to take on. A great prompt from faviconijemanja only strengthened my resolve: I would love some kind of genre shift - scifi, dystopia, modern-day urban fantasy, murder mystery (what happened to Jeannie? Plucky girl detectives Lizzie and Laura are on the case!) etc. I would also love a deeper look at the sisters' motivations. Why was Laura more susceptible than Lizzie? Was Lizzie simply immune to such temptation, or was she merely able to overcome it for her sister's sake? Does she regret never tasting the fruit herself? We see Lizzie's triumph over the goblins/temptation from her perspective, but how does Laura view her sister's actions, especially in light of her own? A story set after the poem, with the sisters facing some new supernatural challenge armed with a little more knowledge and experience, would also be great. Femslash or gen is equally welcome. I just love the close, intense relationship we see between the sisters. They seem to be each other's whole world, and reading the poem you never doubt for a second that Lizzie would do or face anything to save her sister.

So I started thinking about what might have happened between the rescue in the original poem and the many-years-later ending, and thought I found a way through. And images kept coming to me as I thought, which was helpful. Despite her modesty, faviconoxoniensis did her usual stellar job of betaing, and that was that. So here's the poem I wrote, featuring Laura and Lizzie: They are not Before and After. They are not a sequence. They are a force, together.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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"What's Good for the Goose" (Better Off Ted: Dr. Bhamba, Veronica, Linda, Ted, Lem, Phil, Rose; PG)

And here is my last fic for Yuletide 2013, which comes with a little bonus story of my ineptitude. On Christmas Eve, I took a train from New York to DC (where my dad lives) and got to his place in the late evening. We ate dinner and watched Little Shop of Horrors - my all-time favorite musical - together and then decided it was late enough to go to bed. I checked my phone and saw that there were a few very last-minute pinch-hits going out, one of which included a Better Off Ted request, and as BOT is one of the shows of my heart, I thought I would give it a whirl. The only problem was that I didn't know the WiFi password, and my dad couldn't remember it either (after I woke him up because I am a terrible daughter). So I wrote this ficlet on my phone in about 30 minutes and when I went to post, AO3 informed me that it was only 860 words, which is not enough for a Yuletide story. My phone also decided that there was no such thing as a Yuletide Madness collection, and so I ended up posting this, unbetaed and below the minimum word count, to the main collection anyway just so I didn't lose the fic.

faviconfiddlingfrog's prompt was: My wife and I absolutely loved this show; unfortunately, we didn't discover it until it was already off the air. We watched the entire first season on Netflix in one night. When the second season became available we watched it over two nights. We loved the fake commercials that opened each episode, we rooted for Ted and Linda to finally get it together and get together, and we loved watching Veronica do, well… whatever it was she was going to do. Be awesome, usually. I asked for Ted and Linda and Veronica and Dr. Bhamba because I think there's no end to the stories you can tell with those four characters. They can be in a meeting. They could be in the lab. They could be crawling through ventilation ducts trying to escape the violent cyber-duck that Dr. Bhamba accidentally unleashed. If you want to include some romance or sexual tension I think it goes something like this: Ted is attracted to Linda, Linda is attracted to Ted, Veronica isn't actually attracted to either but she likes to play power and/or mind games, and Dr. Bhamba is a horrible lech. I saw that faviconfiddlingfrog listed Sherlock as an interest, so I threw in the famous Christmas case as a bonus, given that the prompt mentioned a threatening bird. Well, I had fun writing it, so that's that. There's an angry goose at Veridian. But there's a reason for that.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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do you like fantastic stories?

If you do, then you must read the Yuletide fic [personal profile] newredshoes (I knew it had to be someone who knew me - it was too perfect not to be!) wrote for me, in which she fuses together the worlds of Cold Comfort Farm and The World's End and just does a brilliant job with all of the characters. I can't say any more without spoiling all of the wonderful surprises in the story, so I'll end with this: go read it!

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