July 5th, 2013

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

theater round-up

Hi, everybody!

I'm so behind on putting together reviews of the live shows I've seen - in part because I've been writing and/or obsessively rewatching New Girl [when do my season 2 DVDs get here, OMG?!?] - so here it is, in one huge lump, a summary of what I've seen in the first six months of 2013.

BUT, before I forget, the help_syria fandom auction ends soon, so please go bid on something that tickles your fancy! I've made two offers - one for a New Girl fic and one for either a Sherlock or Cabin Pressure fic - but there are plenty of awesome authors out there, willing to write the story you've always wanted! Go!

In Acting Shakespeare: Collapse ) 1/10

Picnic: Collapse ) 3/10

The Suit: Collapse ) 7.5/10

Macbeth: Collapse ) 0/10

Much Ado about Nothing: Collapse ) 8.5/10

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: Collapse ) 8.5/10

Falstaff: Collapse )

La Traviata (Placido Domingo!): Collapse ) 5/10

Dmitri Hvorostovsky: Collapse ) If you get the chance to hear him sing this song-cycle, GO.

The Mound Builders: Collapse ) 2/10

Assembled Parties: Collapse ) 8.5/10

Dance of Death: Collapse ) 6/10

Macbeth: Collapse ) 8.5/10

Bunty Berman Presents: Collapse ) 5.5/10

On Your Toes: Collapse ) 7/10

Kinky Boots: Collapse ) 8.5/10

Midsummer Night's Dream: Collapse ) 8/10

Ann: Collapse ) 8.5/10

The Nance: Collapse ) 7/10

Peter and the Starcatcher: Collapse ) 7.5/10

Cornelius: Collapse ) 1/10

Matilda: Collapse ) 8/10

Murder Ballad: Collapse ) 7.5/10

. . . And that's how I spent the first six months of 2013. *curtsey*

How are you all doing?

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