June 7th, 2013

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"Pepperwood's a Snappy Dresser" (INTOABAR: Pushing Daisies + New Girl: Emerson Cod + Nick Miller)

Hi, everybody!

Remember how jazzed I was about [community profile] intoabar? And then my assignment came and I got even more excited? Well, here's the result: a meeting between two of my favorite TV characters ever, New Girl's Nick Miller and Pushing Daisies's Emerson Cod. These two have so much in common that it's hard to believe there's not more fic about them out there. Well, I had fun dreaming up one conversation they could have had, anyway. In terms of PD, I set it in some vague timeline after which Olive has started investigating with Emerson but his book has not yet been published; in terms of NG, it takes place just after the action of 2x02 ("Katie"). My thanks to [personal profile] musesfool, who betaed this despite not having seen New Girl and who assured me that she laughed anyway.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think!

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Picardy Third (last story in the Elastic Heart series) - warnings and notes

Hi, everybody!

Okay, here comes the longest story I've ever written, 80K in Sherlock, that requires several notes. Most importantly, I need to thank my betas on this beast, all of whom had really smart and interesting things to say that helped me to improve it immeasurably. Those lovely ladies are lalejandra, girl_wonder, branwyn, and Kate_Lear. The story itself is a strong R/Adult. It features John/Sherlock (non-sexual), John/Irene, Clara/Harry, Mycroft/Anthea, and other less significant pairings. There's a lot going on in the fic, but a decent summary could be Sherlock returns and must rediscover his place.

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And I did a lot of research for this story and made some allusions to both ACD and other pieces of popular culture, so here's a list of explanations. Collapse )

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