September 18th, 2012

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TV (Revolution, Go On, The Good Wife, Suits)

Hi, everybody!

So I finished my obsessive rewatching of The Good Wife's first three seasons and also tried out a couple of new shows. Briefly - I was bored silly by Revolution, in part because I found it hard to care about shiny-haired, midriff-baring Girl Protagonist and her little brother, whose entire personality seems to be that he's asthmatic. I would, however, totally watch a show about their parents. (Also, "Nate" is "Rick" from one of my favorite Veronica Mars episodes, but I kept thinking he looked like a brunet Cary Agos.) Go On is doing a little better in my estimation, though I very much understand why reviewers said that it was basically a remix of Community. Why would you do that, show? We already have a perfectly cromulent Community that I miss very much and want to see back at full blast. I particularly like the angry lady, who deserves better than being known as Poor-Man's-Allison-Janney, and yet that's what I think every time I look at her. And John Cho! Being beautiful as usual. Matt Perry is fine - he's much more suited to comedies than dramas, I think, and he seems glad to be back in the rhythm of a sitcom. I wasn't disappointed or blown away by his Good Wife turn, but I kept thinking how fish-out-of-water he seemed on the show.

ANYWAY, back to The Good Wife Collapse )

In short, you can come back to me now, show. I'm ready.

You know, my birthday is in exactly one month, and I'd be pretty pleased if someone wrote good Will fic. Or Suits fic featuring Harvey and Jessica being beautiful badasses together. (I'm very fond of Donna, but Harvey sets the tone for all of his relationships, including his with Donna - the only exception is his relationship with Jessica, so of course that's where my interest lies.) I finally caught up with Suits and still find Mike to be a yawn, though Rachel (their names are ROSS and RACHEL - we get it, show!) has grown on me. And Louis is amazing. But really, who could ask for more than Harvey and Jessica? Or Dan/Dana Sports Night fic. Or Unusuals fic. Whatever, I'm easy.

How are you all doing?