February 20th, 2012

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Pink (birthday fic for dotfic!) (White Collar, PG, Peter & Neal & El)

Hi, everybody!

So it's the birthday of the awesome dotfic and a national holiday - COINCIDENCE? Sugar, I hope this story makes you smile! It's White Collar gen that takes place at no specific time because I can forget this show's canon even as I'm watching it. Anyway, the real point of the show is to demonstrate the awesomeness of Neal and Peter and El and Mozzie and Diana and Jones, isn't it? Especially Peter. And especially especially El.

Speedy and supersmart beta by ariadnes_string, to whom I owe many thanks.


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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.
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Taxes, Movies, Theater, Fics

Hi, everybody!

I'm being such a crankypants today, all because I told myself I would get my taxes done this weekend (yay long weekends!) and because I was unemployed, my 401K got transferred, and now my tax software assumes that I earned that retirement money as regular income and is saying that I owe about $50,000 in taxes this year. Grrrr. I have no desire to keep fighting with the program, but I also don't have a regular tax-preparer or accountant, so I'm a little stuck. Any ideas?

Though I have been pretty productive lately, so I shouldn't be too cranky. I finally put up all of my Supernatural stories at AO3 - well, all of the completed fics that actually have titles. And I finally organized most of my Sherlock fics into a series, which is good because I'm currently working on the last long story in the series (haven't decided yet if there will be short one-offs in the future). It's called Elastic Heart because the stories all have to do with John Watson and his capacity to keep cramming people into his heart long after you'd think all the room had run out. God, I love him.

And I wrote three short pieces recently - one each for What's Your Number? (Martin Freeman being adorable), Sports Night (Dan/Dana forever!), and White Collar (for a birthday, and I'm now qualified for remix_redux in three fandoms). So that felt good.

Plus things are going well with sherlock_remix, and there's the possibility of a bonus round. We'll see what happens.

I finally got around to watching a couple of the big movies that I'd missed. Collapse )

I've seen three shows in the past few weeks, and have promised reviews on them. (sgt_psycho, the WH one is for you!) And I'm booked to see Porgy & Bess, Total Bent, and Venus in Fur soon. Plus I'll be booking One Man, Two Guvnors for sure, and maybe Bebe Neuwirth's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Other Desert Cities, and an encore of Anything Goes.

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So that's all for me - what are you guys up to?