January 26th, 2012

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Hi, everybody!

I'm working from home for the second day in a row, as I've got a pounding headache that won't quit and I keep browning out. Possibly I should eat something. I've had a number of calls to make and emails to respond to, so I'm actually as busy as I would be at work, but I'm getting to do it in my pajamas, sort of sprawled on my sofa.

Last night, after I turned off the computer, having finally handed over a fairly terrible draft of my picfor1000 story to the long-suffering musesfool, I watched the Knightley/McFayden Pride & Prejudice, which I think was the only Austen adaptation of note that I hadn't yet seen - no, wait, Kate Beckinsale played Emma, right? Still need to see that, I guess. Man, did they get a lot wrong! Keira Knightley's expressions needed variety and Matthew McFayden's chest hair needed to be put away, but still . . . it's Pride & Prejudice, and I find it hard to turn off Austen characters. One thing I did find interesting was that Mrs. Bennet was sort of the energetic angel of the family - loud and obnoxious, sure, but really hustling to make sure she did everything she could for her girls.

In other media news, I'm now booked to see Seminar (Alan Rickman!) and War Horse (puppetry!) in the near future.

One last reminder before I shut up about it: sign-ups for sherlock_remix are ending tomorrow. If you're an author, an artist, and/or a beta, come and play!
het!, his strong fingers on her thigh

Makes Glad My Days and Nights (La Princesse de Montpensier: R, Chabannes/Marie)

Hi, everybody!

So, here's my contribution for this year's picfor1000 challenge! I was stumped by my assigned picture and spent some time trying to figure out a Sherlock or Cabin Pressure story I could tell using that picture and only 1000 words, but nothing clicked for me. Then I watched a movie called La Princesse de Montpensier and realized I could write a story in that, as I only had about a thousand words of stuff to say about it. For anyone who's seen the movie, this is the road not taken. For anyone who hasn't, I'd give it five stars out of ten. And for anyone who's trying to find a connection between my assigned picture and this fic, set in 16th-century France, here it is: there is a rapture to be found in the physical.

Translation of a sonnet by Louise Labé from here. My best thanks to musesfool for doing such a speedy and encouraging beta on this for me, despite not having seen the movie.

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