January 21st, 2012

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Strategy (Sherlock / R, gen: Sherlock + John + Moriarty: 221B)

Hi, everybody! I hope the day is treating you well!

I've got so much going on and no brain with which to do any of it. So instead of my natterings about Stick Fly and Red Tails, both of which I saw with the awesome musesfool or thoughts about the weather and my life, this will be a post about Sherlock and its actors. (I swear that by the end of the day I will have a draft of my picfor1000 fic done, and that I will put up an encouraging post over at sherlock_remix. Really.)

First up, the third in my series of John-centric second-series-based 221Bs. Spoilers for 2x03, "The Reichenbach Fall."
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At some point, I really will pull all of my thoughts on this series of Sherlock together. In the meantime, so you don't keel over from holding your breath, have a joke and a vid starring a young and lovely Martin Freeman.

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And here's the vid! Isn't he gorgeous?