October 18th, 2011

family ties, pissed off, third daughter

The Steady Running of the Hour (Sherlock fic: Harry Watson: Harry, Clara, John; R)

Happy birthday, tenaciousmetoo! I'd meant to write something fun or silly, but instead what came pouring out was this incredibly depressing piece from Harry Watson's PoV. This scene falls, chronologically, between John staying at Harry's flat just after returning from Afghanistan (We Make Our Own Lightning) and Harry coming to John and Sherlock for help when she's being blackmailed (Bricoleur). In terms of BBC canon, this is one explanation for how John ended up with Harry's phone. The title is from Wilfred Owen's hauntingly beautiful and incredibly powerful poem Strange Meeting. My thanks once again to the wonderful kate_lear, who took the time to look this over for me.

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