April 9th, 2011

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"No Bed Is Narrow" (Sherlock fic for sherlock_remix: John/Sherlock, OMC/OMC; R)

Hi, everybody!

So my first time modding something was lots of fun - go see the art and fic up at sherlock_remix if you want to see just how much - and one of the best parts is that I got to write a story I'd been wanting to write. I do love (as anyone who read my Ben/Dean OTP verse can attest) writing original characters in fanfic, the peculiar work of creating a new addition to an established setting. Only, in this case, I hadn't come up with the main original character, Evander; he's a creation of the delightful kate_lear, made for her awesome story "Winter's Delights". I did get to make up Mateo, though, almost entirely on my own. As I explained to Kate, whose sofa I am now sitting on (!!!), I do like making my original characters differ from the canonical characters in some way, especially since the canonical characters in my source fandoms tend to be white Christian men - hence Ben's brown skin and Mateo's Jewishness.

Deep thanks have to go to Kate, for writing such an inspiring story in the first place, and to pendrecarc and ginbitch, who were so thorough and kind in their betaing and Britpicking.

Since I wrote this story, though, I can no longer say that I always write the love story of asexual Sherlock and straight John. Damn.

(D'oh! I meant to leave a note explaining that the title comes from an inversion of one of the lines of Edna St. Vincent Millay's lovely poem "Passer Mortuus Est.")

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.