February 7th, 2011

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Masquerade (Sherlock BBC fic - Sally Donovan/OMC, Donovan/Anderson - Teen)

Hi, everybody!

I've been wanting to write Sally Donovan fic since I first saw Sherlock, but couldn't find the right story to tell. Because I think she's fascinating - as I said in an email to my lovely beta, "One of the only complaints I have about the series that's lasted through all the rewatchings is how spectacularly it fails at female characters. Donovan in particular is such a failure because the potential is so great - why bother creating a kickass female detective who sees through Sherlock if you're going to limit her actions to huffing disgustedly and being shamed for her sexual activity (which Anderson, the ACTUAL adulterer, is not)? That really pissed me off."

And then along came my photo for this year's picfor1000 challenge, and I realized I could use it to tell part of her story.

Thanks to kate_lear for her sharp eye. Hopefully more will come later. (Also, it's clear from the story, but Vee is my OFC, Lestrade's wife. I still need to write the story of her and John bonding and Sherlock being a brat about it.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.