January 23rd, 2011

victory!, he just did it, say hello to my competence kink

pics and fics coming up!

Hi, everybody!

I've been traveling again and I'm still not home. In fact, I am basking in the warmth of San Diego. Anyway, once I'm back in Brooklyn, I'll post pictures from New Mexico and California.

But did you know that the lovely oxoniensis is currently running the eleventh Porn Battle? And did you know that despite the title, if you come up with something that is more romance than smut, or more friendship than sexytimes, you can still post it on the PB post and that no one will say, "But where is the porn?" Because the point is, the more fic, the better.

I love the Porn Battles because I'm always pushed to write something I'd never have considered otherwise - at least half the fandoms in my master fic list post are only there because of past PBs.

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So go play! I've got my eye on prompts from twenty-four fandoms. Oh, yes.