January 9th, 2011

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"Pour the Drinks and Crush the Flowers" (Cabin Pressure fic - R, Helena/Douglas/Martin)

Hi, everybody!

I've got a new fic here, but I feel the need to give a bit of explanation/apology for it. When I first fell for Cabin Pressure, it was, to make no bones about it, because of Benedict Cumberbatch and his lovely voice. But the reason I fell for the fandom was that it was a tiny fandom that offered the promise of a lot of funny gen fic. Since funny gen fic is usually in fairly short supply in my other fandoms, I was thrilled. And I'm pleased that I've even contributed a bit as a writer to the running total (though maybe it's only funny in my own head - I don't know); I've also betaed some incredible stories in this fandom, so surely that counts too?

In any case, I really can't explain why the main prompt for this fic hit me so hard, enough that I started writing as soon as I read it and only claimed the prompt once I had over 500 words already down. The story is about a threesome - Helena, Douglas, and Martin - and it's more angsty than lighthearted, which makes sense,I suppose, given that after the story ends, Helena will run off with her tai chi instructor. So I fail at both the gen and the funny parts of my previous formulation. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Fantastic beta and Britpicking by enigel and oxoniensis, both of whom took my anxieties about the story seriously and responded with great thoughtfulness and care.

Prompts: (1) Helena suggests a threesome to save her marriage with Douglas, and Douglas asks Martin and (2) Martin's unexpectedly got a great body because of his side job. Thanks to veronamay for suggesting that Douglas might find Martin's aviators aesthetically pleasing. And thanks to everyone who's playing over at the Cabin Pressure Prompts Post for being so inspired and inspiring! (Title from the Pet Shop Boys - "What Have I Done To Deserve This?")

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