September 9th, 2010

victory!, he just did it, say hello to my competence kink

why so disjointed?

Hi, everybody!

Leave your prompts for this year's spn_halloween challenge soon - prompting closes on September 9!

I've signed up for a couple of challenges, which should make life pretty interesting for the next several weeks - spn_reversebang and sherlockbigbang. There was also that music-to-fic challenge musesfool was talking about. Hmmm. Wish me luck?

Speaking of Sherlock, here's a vid rec for you. Fair warnings: the song is insanely catchy and the vid uses clips from all three eps, so there are spoilers.

And it looks like there might be some delicious fanart coming to illustrate my latest Sherlock fic - I could not be more excited about this prospect. Sherlock on the catwalk, people!

I hope everyone enjoyed the marvelous bounty of fanworks created for this year's spn_summergen? Oh, shoot, I need to post my story to the archives. Anyway, this year's batch was possibly the most diverse bunch I've seen - whatever you're looking for, you'll find it. Unless, of course, you're looking for explicit sex. Then, not so much.

I just realized this afternoon that I'm booked every weekend from this past one through Halloween. That is . . . most unlike me. I like being a hermit on the weekends! I like not having to be nice to people!

I won five (FIVE!) auctions over at help_pakistan, so you should all brace yourselves for some totally awesome Justified, Sherlock Holmes (2009), and Sherlock (2010) fic coming your way soonish.

And my birthday is coming in five weeks! I loooooooooove my birthday, and this one sounds like it will be deliciously stress-free. Though I would like to think of something to write for my beloved birthday twin tenaciousmetoo. Ten, any thoughts?

Vamos, Rafa!!!!!!!!!