May 25th, 2010

the fall: a series of beautiful images, lee!, worked-hard muscle


Hi, everybody!

I had a dream last night that played out like the bulk of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, only Jensen was Harold (one beautiful boy deserves another, I guess) and Misha was Kumar. I don't even read RPF, and yet the dream unspooled without a hitch.

In other news, I finally watched Sherlock Holmes, which I was fully expecting to fall head over heels in love with, and I . . . didn't. It surprised me that I got on board with Jude Law's Watson a lot faster than I did with Robert Downey, Jr.'s Holmes, because (a) I've never been a fan of JL, and (b) like all right-thinking people, I adore RDJ. I thought the mystery was dull and pointless, and I wasn't a fan of this sexualized take on Irene Adler, who I didn't recognize from either "A Scandal in Bohemia" or the series by Carole Nelson Douglas (the first four books of which are delightful, and the rest not so much).

I was pleased by Watson's portrayal, which seemed to hew more closely to the books' version than to the rotund, obtuse version we've been given in previous screen adaptations. But Holmes kept throwing me off. It finally hit me that RDJ was playing Holmes as roguish, someone who gets not only satisfaction but enjoyment out of the use of his wondrous mental powers. I'd been expecting a much more stoic Holmes, someone whose smile would flash only rarely and therefore carry much more weight (see: Lee Pace as Calpernia in Soldier's Girl). It took me a second viewing (fast-forwarding through all of the Blackwood parts) to really enjoy the movie and the outrageous chemistry between RDJ and JL. And now I've been rolling around in fic for the last few days, so please, rec me anything that you loved!

And I have new Josh Charles on my TV tonight! Whoooot!