May 11th, 2010

curled up with a book

fic challenges!

Hi, everybody!

I got back from Egypt on Sunday, and will be putting up a post about it soonish (as soon as I can figure out which of the 275 pictures I took - in five days! - you'd want to see most).

In the meantime, I'm pleased to say that I'm participating in this year's round of spn_j2_bigbang! My story is called "(Chances Are This Is) How John Winchester Got His Groove Back" and here's the summary with which I lured the wonderful artist glitter_noire into my web:

This is a hetstravaganza AU! We start off with some Mary/John porn (with bonus Trickster voyeurism!) and then Azazel kills Mary and the Trickster steps in, because he can't let a hot blonde just die. So she's reincarnated as Jess. Sam goes to Stanford with John's okay and Dean's blessing, and with the understanding that he would hunt with them on breaks. He meets Jess and decides he wants to bring her "home" for the summer - and that's when she and John meet and the Mary in her wakes up. John, meanwhile, has found out that it was a demon who killed Mary, and he sends Dean on a quest for more information (the "five states in five days" trip mentioned in "The Kids Are Alright"); Dean hunts and hooks up and finds the truth. And then it all gets messy. (Light on the angst, but not exactly a funny story either - sort of season 1-ish in tone.) (Also, a little experimental in form, but that might not last after my lovely beta is done with it.)

(It's okay if you made a face while reading that. When deirdre_c was in town, I was trying to summarize the story for the lovely fangirls who'd gathered together, and they all made the "oh, honey, no" face at me, which is kind of how I looked when I was writing the damn thing.)

Oh! Also, I urge everyone to sign up for spn_summergen, because it's a really fun and low-key challenge, and you get an awesome fic written just for you!

How are you all doing?