September 13th, 2009

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

Rafa Redux

I didn't watch Wimbledon because Rafael Nadal wasn't going to be there; he is hands-down my very favorite athlete to watch.

And he lost decisively today, just couldn't get anything to go right for him, and I watched the interviews he's done throughout the tournament, and was even more impressed. He started off today's interview by saying that Juan Martin Del Potro was better than him, and then fielded a question about his abdominal injury, and he said, in his adorably broken and heavily accented English, "Let me repeat. He played much better than me, and that is why he won. Anything else, after, it sounds like excuses, no?" And then he finally talked about the injury, which he's declined to do while he was still in play. And it sounded like a bitch and a half, especially coming after a sidelining injury to his knees, and the fact that his parents (who he still lives with - baby boy!) are getting a divorce (he didn't talk about the divorce - I just read about it elsewhere).

Then I watched some of the interviews from earlier in the tournament, and goodness gracious, he is world-without-end adorable. Upon being asked about the fan who broke past security to hug him (after the Monfils match), he said, "It was no problem for me." Asked to clarify: "He was a great fan. He said 'I love you' and he kissed me." Asked if the declaration was made in Spanish, Rafa said, "No, in English, but I understand that," and grinned. Eye-crinkles, dimples, and all.

In conclusion: Rafael Nadal is good for tennis, and good to have back on my TV.